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It's a little bit totally different, but I do know at least one buddy who uses a Spirograph in his meditation practice. It's very repetitive loops and angles, but more restricted than the zentangles thing, which is very neat. (Here's a link to a Spirograph in case you don't know what they are:http://www.amazon.com/SPIROGRAPH-33248-Spirograph/dp/B004YHETHA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325795885&sr=8-1 - they used to be much cooler when I was little)

I TOTALLY had one of those!

Me too :-) I want to find another one, but boy, I don't want to spend $40! Fingers crossed for yard sale season. They were fun!

Spirograph necklace. No, seriously. A real, if small and minimalist, spirograph you can wear.

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