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Absolutely agree. But it's a fox show, so it's hero centric porn, focused on American exceptionalism. Giving the villains motivation attacks that.

That's why I like shows like Sons of Anarchy, where the heros are also the villains in service of protecting their space. It's more of a chess game than a John Wayne swagger.

And brilliant writing that milks the drama of plot by digging into motivations. 24 is more of a carnival ride thrilling.

But isn't Sons of Anarchy a reality show?

Hell no. It's a drama about a motorcycle club. And the inspiration for the writers is Hamlet. I'd skip 24 and go for that. Or Rescue Me. Californication is in my top 5. Nip/tuck is also excellent, although you'll probably want to punch all the characters.

I watch a lot of TV to keep me sane while editing alone. Those shows have consistently great writing when it comes to dramas.

Oh, and MI-5 is a way better version of 24 in the same genre and it's first few seasons are on Netflix. Those writers are merciless.

not at all. It's scripted TV and some of the best. Ron Perlman and Katy Segal are brilliant

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