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Letters from Proxima Thule

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The plan was to teach. I had no aspirations of luxury, just meeting my needs. The illness undermined even that. It's not unreasonable to be outraged by a system that makes it nigh impossible for someone to succeed even if that someone works as hard as their body will allow (if success=not struggling to survive).

You cited your sixteen-hour days. I wish I had the capacity to work sixteen hour days. I physically can't.

I can't answer without knowing what your specific illness, but I would ask, did you change your plans when you realized that your first plan would no longer work out?

I ask this as someone who is heavily disabled and has had to alter careers as a result of it, not just as a complete jerk.

In light of being asked some very personal questions, I would prefer to know why you're asking, what it has to do with the broader conversation? Not because I suspect it has nothing to do with it, but because I dislike being asked personal questions without knowing the asker's intent.

More specifically, because you asked what I would think of your situation, and I tend not to want to answer questions without having a lot more data. I would have this conversation in person as well, if we were talking, but I completely understand and respect your right not to answer any.

No worries; not resenting the questions, just wanted to know the motivation. Mainly because I thought we might be focusing too much on my individual situation and less on my ultimate point, which was that even the hardest working people can be undermined by things outside the scope of their control, and I think it's cruel to assume those people simply haven't done enough, worked hard enough, bootstrapped well enough.

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