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Oh, exactly. We have repeatedly pointed out that science and social studies and math and everything else teach her all the sorts of things she will want to write about when she complains about not liking this or that class. Finding something she can do for a living that will also give her a well-rounded education to use in writing should be her focus.

(And I'm certainly not knocking community college - I'm doing fairly well with my 2 year paralegal degree, and I learned a LOT. I'm headed back there next fall to max out my transfer credits before I wander off to a university for my bachelor's.)

And there's always the 50-50 chance that she will wind up with a Creative Writing Prof who will HATE EVERYTHING she writes, and spend the whole time effectively breaking her, because her style doesn't jive with the Prof's.

University Transfer programs are not terrible.

This happened to me in some classes. It did break me down a bit, it made me stronger ultimately but . . .I did get discouraged and didn't write for a year or two. It's an impressionable age.

This was what ultimately screwed me as a playwright forever. I highly discourage writing workshops as a result, especially at the college level.

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