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I wouldn't count My Little Ponies, because they come with a world attached already.

As it happens, that was not the case for this child, who had no idea of the established world -- not even the official names of the characters.

I take your point -- it's just that there's an additional cultural problem in which GI Joe's job is an "adventure", while a mother's job isn't. The actual military isn't particularly fun, any more than an actual baby is.

So true. I've never been in the military myself, but I grew up a policeman's daughter (he things like guard the US embassy in our country; it was more military a force than is common here) spent a fair amount of time as a security guard, and had three babies. The babies were far more fun, but they also involved far more pure drudgery. For awhile, I would go to work exhausted and glad to just be patrolling a corporate site, and come home still exhausted but glad to be away from grown people's officiousness and pettiness. I couldn't duck either of them, because I was both the sole breadwinner and the only adult with a womb and lactating mammary glands, but if I'd had a choice, I might just have found a nice cave somewhere and triggered a rockfall to hide the entrance...

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