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New Covers and New Projects
write all the things

So. A Thing that has been brewing is a novella I wrote called Silently and Very Fast. This is a novella about the slow, gnarly, horribly human development of AI in the hands of several generations of a very peculiar family. It is the evolution of ideas I’ve had for years, and very soon, it will be readable by other humans.

You can order it here–the print run is very limited, 500 copies, all signed, and being put out by WSFA as part of Capclave. You don’t need to go to Capclave to order a copy, but you get a discount if you do. Also check out that gorgeous cover! Mira Grant and Gardner Dozois seem to think it’s pretty spiffy, as they were kind enough to blurb it.

I am very proud of this little book, and even more proud that beginning in October, it will be serialized in Clarkesworld Magazine in three installments, and subsequently available through them as a standalone ebook. I am very grateful to CW for taking it as their first serial project.

So, you’ll be able to read it all online, but in three sections. If you snap it up now you get the whole thing at once. Many choices!

Also, hopefully, at Capclave, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Myths of Origin, an omnibus of my early novels. It also has a beautiful cover, though this one isn’t quite final, and it’s my first sort of Works of book and of that I am making much squee. You can pre-order it now. (The old cover is still up on Amazon, don’t be confused.)

On top of all of that, The Folded World, sequel to The Habitation of the Blessed, my Prester John series, is coming out in November! Harvest time in House Valente! It also has a beautiful cover, and I have an ARC I’ll be giving away sometime tomorrow.

So proud of all my babies! Look at them growing up!

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Dang! I went to the WSFA link even though it says it's for pre-order, it already shows "Sold Out"!!!! Waaaaaah!

alas. i have seen the same.

All fixed . . .

(Deleted comment)
It should be working now . . .

Dammit, me too. Does whoever made the decision to only print 500 copies realize you could probably sell that many just to your livejournal followers?

It's all fixed, now. So many orders came in that it broke the system, temporarily :p

Yay!I snagged one - thank you!

Capclave! I am looking forward to it.

and you novella has sold out on that link. Congatulations!!!!

It's all fixed, now. So many orders came in that it broke the system, temporarily :p

I went to purchase Silently and Very Fast, but alas, it has already sold out. :) Congrats! :)

It's all fixed, now. So many orders came in that it broke the system, temporarily :p

The first one sold out already... might consider that one thru Clarkesworld.

It's all fixed, now. So many orders came in that it broke the system, temporarily :p

I am SO excited for you that your new novella sold out so quickly, even though it also gives me a selfish sadface. I've alredy pre-ordered the others!

It's all fixed, now. So many orders came in that it broke the system, temporarily :p

SO EXCITED FOR THE FOLDED WORLD! I can't even articulate it. It just makes me so happy.

I love the cover shown on Amazon for The Folded World, and it's on my pre-order list. I await my very own copy (yay!). Harvest time, indeed: I have fallen out of work, and then managed to fall back into work at a different company. A whole lot of reaping, sowing, and reaping going on here: Chuseok will be fêted with your new book, I hope.

Silently and Very Fast Gorgeous cover, and a great title. Apparently that is also it's selling pattern.

Have preordered The Folded World! Congrats on the serialization, that's a marvellous thing.

What a great year for you! I'm so behind reading your stuff, but at least I have plenty of it to keep me entertained!

When it rains it pours! Congrats on all the releases. It must be particularly validating to see new demand for works whose life cycle seemed to be over.

Wow. Great title, and what sounds like a really good premise!

I LOVED the first part of Silently And Very Fast, and so I preordered the book and am impatiently awaiting it now!

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