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They dumped the credits sequence to Grey's sometime around the third or fourth season, because it didn't work and most shows on network tv no longer bother with them - possibly because they are annoying to watch on DVDs.

Oh, good. I hear it gets terrible around then too, though.

It does, then they get rid of two characters, and it picks up again, then does a brillaint couple of episodes, then jumps the shark, then jumps back, then jumps the shark again (horrific musical episode - must be sure to skip), then jumps back again...basically your typical tv show.

Seriously (which we can blame Grey's for coining), all tv shows do this. And most probably should stop around S5. I think Grey's has been on 8 years now? I've lost count.

All in all? I've always found it to be oddly soothing. Great knitting show.

I can't believe it's still on. AND the spin off. AND Desperate Housewives. But Firefly got less than a full season.

But none of them are on Fox, nor have they been put in doomed time slot while being run out of order.

I also freely admit to watching Grey's Anatomy as my evening soap crack. It is totally uneven, with bizarre cringe-worthy plot tangents, but then it gets back on the rails, and becomes ridiculously watchable again. I'd totally knit to it these days if my son weren't a night owl like me (he nods off between 10 and midnight most nights).

I've been wondering much the same thing about Bones and American Idol (both on Fox, both on forever and a day and constantly rerunned on other channels and both well past their expiration date in my opinion but hey, people adore them and they continue to pull in the numbers)...(shrugs).

Sometimes I think if we understood why people love the things they do or just mildly like them, life would be so much easier...;-)

There was an editorial on why humans get pleasure from weird things on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday...one of the items discussed was folks who love to eat really really hot chilli peppers raw or get a thrill from Bungee Jumping. The interviewer stated: People are weird. The scientist being interviewed responded: People are amazing.

I like to think that good shows that get canceled prevent them from becoming bad shows, but I know that is probably not true. Arrested Development was brilliant and they wrapped up all the threads and finished the story when Fox told them they were going to pull the plug. Sure, I would have liked to see more, but what exists is a perfect thing with no klunker episodes.

... I think the spin-off is often better these days.

I think season seven was so far much better than seasons 4,5, or 6 that it's not even FUNNY.

Nah. It has nothing to do with credits on DVDs being annoying and everything to do with having less than 43 minutes of show in an hour-long slot these days.

They can't afford the time for an opening credits sequence any longer. Many show now do without them. You might get a brief title card, but that's about it. It's also why they often string the credits out for several minutes over the action. They have to do the credits, so they flash them during the show instead of in a dedicated title sequence.

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