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It seems to me that white men are getting turned into monsters-- we're all in the marked state.

Is the end of the Green Knight a win or a disappointment? Is it a loss for the monster to just be a good person in a mask?

A guess about why an imagined Middle Ages rather than some other time and place: Part of it may be partly chance-- it attracted enough people to work on it to make it more satisfying to tell stories about. This theory is influenced by Studio 360's piece about the Wild West.

I think another piece is that (in the imagined Middle Ages) power is distributed in such a way that stable victories for random people are imaginable.

I don't think that's really true in the greater culture in any way. White men still pretty much run things, and stories by them routinely get more attention, are given more weight. The fact is that those who want stories about heroic white men will never suffer or lack. But the rest of the planet (read: most of the planet) needs them too.

I don't actually think Bertilak is a good or bad person--he's very ambiguous. But the idea that Camelot is all good, therefore all who stand against it are bad, is totally wrong to me.

My husband has, for years, been trying to toss around the idea of a fantasy novel that takes place in the pre-European colonization Great Lakes region because he loves the idea of non-European based fantasy.

I agree about the larger culture. However, I spend a moderate amount of time in this smaller culture, and I've noticed a "high status white male-- set suspicion on automatic" meme kicking in for me, and I'd rather have it automated for high status rather than race and gender specific.

I enjoyed reading your speech tremendously-- if nothing else, the tension between the classic idea of wanting to be in a memorable story vs the later idea of making things right is probably going to stay in my mental toolbox.

Offhand, the Borribles are the only relatively modern sf I can think of which have the classic spirit.

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The thing is that high status and white straight male correlate so strongly, even and perhaps especially in geek culture that it's very hard to separate them. Besides, I'm not just talking about white men, but about established power in general--those with privilege and the protection of the mainstream. That's not just white dudes.

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