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Letters from Proxima Thule

Congratulations! You and this incredible both book certainly deserve it. I feel so privileged that I'll be at Powell's tonight. ^_^

Congratulations! Hm, I think I should go pick one of those up...

HUGE congrats. Well-deserved, of course, and may you continue to have such awesome success.

Cat! That's fantastic!!! Amazing!!! and Well Deserved!!!

I am so happy for you.

Erin Underwood :-)

I am over the moon happy for you!!!!!!!!!!


*runs victory lap for you*


Congratulations, Cat!!! *beam*

OHWOW!!!! Yay!!!! :D

Just to check... Will it count if bought by someone outside the US? Does it have to be bought from Amazon.com or is .co.uk ok?

*bounces* x

Congrats, dude! I'm waiting for the copy my mom picked up!

Huge congrats. It is very very cool.

That is BEYOND awesome!

(Deleted comment)
EEEEEE! That's overwhelmingly wonderful.

Now I'm glad I was dilatory and didn't order it as soon as I possibly could, because I just did order it. I hope you get another week, or several.


I am a big dork and I am crying the happy tears for you!


Awesome. I'd figure it'd happen with one of your books. Hell, you managed to make out well on Palimpsest after it'd been orphaned.

But mostly, I am just happy because you're one of the writers that I think that it should happen to.

Savor every moment of it! You earned it!

Just saw this on Twitter--congratulations!

Clearly, this is a sign that I need to go pick up a copy to give my niece this weekend.

How awesome is that?!! Congratulations!!

Eeeeee! Congrats x a billion!


OMG I love that gif!

Congratulations! My copy has finally shipped to my igloo here in Canuckistan (where all book shipments are woefully behind the times).

Well deserved!

Three trophies for the Cat!

I think the only thing to say here is ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.



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