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How extraordinary. Thank you, Cat.

Thank you for writing how this teacher and his story moved you.

And thank goodness for the Mr. Danielsons of this world, may they continue to bravely cast spells.

Nowadays the kids might have been told that whenever someone tells them to keep something a secret they are to go and tell their parents right away.

I don't think we weren't told that back then. But word did get around over 20 years and I think parents knew that their kids would be getting this story. And I think a lot of them used it as a way to teach kids how important it is to keep your word. I certainly learned that.

The biggest boy goes to a public school with Montessori curriculum and spent last week not choosing work as much (they have long blocks of time to choose what they want to work on - stations are set up that build language and math), but instead composing a song ("I am stronger than myself"), a play based on Lego Clone Wars, and two games ("Go Airplane Go" and "Get the squares with Troops" - these, by the way, are finger games). His teachers were so proud and never made him feel less than or not productive and this week he's chosen to work on writing his numbers in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and spelling out 3 letter words (writing before reading in Montessori). He's newly 5 and can do more than the girl could at that age. We may lose our spot in this school (long story) and I just don't know what I'll do as we can't afford actual Montessori schools and our neighborhood school would probably call me and complain that he is singing nonsense songs and making weird shapes with his fingers.

I'm a huge public school advocate - I came from them, family members teach in them - but public schools are such a different animal from when I was a kid. It is, quite frankly, pushing me to homeschool in the event we lose our spot (there's a whole other post about the white-washing of his school). But we're in the city and homeschooling can be all kinds of awesome here.

On a related note, I self-published my little emo poems and you were right - there is no money there even if my mom and mother-in-law did buy 2 copies each. But I'm glad I did it nonetheless.

This is wonderful.

A great teacher like him makes such a difference.

I would've loved to be in that class. It sounds like a great experience, life-changing as it was.

Thank you for sharing this. ~Ali

Can you find him and share this?

Just knowing this happened somewhere in the world makes me happy.

Yay for stories, and teachers such as this. <3

Wow. I have tears in my eyes reading this - and such envy in my heart. What an amazing thing to be a part of.

This story-glimpse made my day.

I can't be sure this really happened, but it's an excellent thing if it did, and an excellent story if it didn't.

This is marvelous. I had a couple of teachers who were similar: Georgiana Mavromatis Arnette (who sadly died of cancer only a few years after I was in her class), and Levi Folly.

Wonderful =). As the weight of cynicism continues to bear down on me, it's such a good thing to hear something like this. Thank you for sharing.

I can't know The Story, but The Metastory you tell of it is amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing that much.

This is wonderful. Thank you for telling us about it.

That's really wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a magical experience. I do hope you find a way to share this with him if he's still among us.

It made me so damn happy to read this. What a beautiful thing to start my day with. ;)

One of the reasons I teach college is that I can choose many ways of teaching the material (Physics). I am, not surprisingly, a storyteller. I want my students to have something else in mind beyond the dry equations -- often something dramatic so that it is memorable. Many of my former students remember those stories years later. Alas, on my teaching evals, there are always those who complain that I "waste time" telling "useless stories".


Some people don't get it. Or else had "it" burned out of them. Me? I feel better knowing that an important solution was found because it was raining too hard for the Physicist to want to walk to his office, so he stayed at home and worked on this problem. (grin)

A weeklong story in grade school? That is so awesome it is beyond words. I would've been beside myself on the verge of exploding with a promise not to ever tell anyone.

Dr. Phil

My mom teaches this way with her intro Computer Science classes, and while there are the occasional wasted-time comments, she has the most engaged students and the highest retention rate - especially amongst the demographics who usually drop out of sciences due to culture issues - that I've ever seen. Thank you so so much for doing the same in another discipline that desperately needs it.

I don't know. Perhaps telling a secret story is something you can pass on with a new secret. One you make up yourself.

This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read--I can only imagine what it was like to experience it.

Thank you so, so much for sharing this. <3

That's so amazing. Thank you for writing about it.

Magical. I feel like I should brush the faerie dust from my eyes before going on with the rest of my day -- but maybe if I don't, everything will seem as beautiful as this post.

Hi there, I'm new to your list. That was an awesome story. Made my day :)

Wow. What a lovely story of the story. I would have loved to have a teacher like that -- I mean, I did have many wonderful teachers, but that moment of storytelling in the dark would have captured me, too. :)

Find him. Tell him. He needs to know what this meant to you.

I agree! Especially as a published author, this will mean so much to him.


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