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GIANT Book Giveaway
c is for cat
I realized with mild panic last night that Deathless is out in two weeks.

Cue: holy cats that's too soon (it's only been two years) I'm not ready no one will love my baby hide hide hide.

Deep breath.

So! In honor of TWO THINGS.

One, my shrieking panic, and two, that Whedonistas is launching today, a book of essays about the Whedonverse in which I wrote about Angel and 20something angst at length, I am having a giveaway!

I am giving away a Deathless ARC, a Fairyland ARC, and a copy of Whedonistas. OMG THE HUGE MANATEE.

All you have to do to enter is post a picture in the comment of an animal with one of my books. Holding it, cuddling it, growling at it, whatever. It doesn't matter what kind of animal--cat, dog, ferret, mongoose, parrot, snake, crow. It doesn't matter which book. Magazines are also acceptable.

If you're super stuck I will accept a picture of you (1 animal) with a laptop hooked up to the internet (whereupon I have published books).

Extra points for awesome captions, but not at all required. Drawing will be by the Internet Random Integer Hat, so the extra points are merely psychic awesome.

You can request which prize you'd like, otherwise it will be random. You have till Friday at noon to post!


Meet Leliana. She's grown since this picture, and my friends have moved to Iowa and taken her away, but she's an adorable Siberian:

Leliana in the Window

And the book? The only one I've read of your so far(listened to, actually) ,Palimpsest :)

Too awfully sick to wake the hedgehog or corner the parrot or other birds, and anyway I've preordered them all! Just know that tonight I will let the Hedgie read Habitation with me!

Thanks for all the wonderful worlds your writing has opened up.

There's no book here, but I had to -- took this two years ago at Blue Springs State Park.


Oh, the Huge Manatee!

Our dorm does not let us keep pets.

Fortunately, Bill Kraken, stuffed squid, knows how to read.

All the denizens of Rand 303 have gathered to see him. The Ariel cat! My girlfriend! The Smurfs!

He has a captivating voice, for a stuffed squid. Hell if I know how.

I laughed. Thank you. :)

Being at work, I only have Dogbert for animal company:

I'd like either Deathless or Fairyland, please.

No critters, and almost none of your books! Why no books? Because my daughters keep stealing them!

Oh, and first choice is Fairyland, but I'll take any of 'em!

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cat with cat
Cat with Cat (specifically, The Habitation of the Blessed, from the library)


I am barely in it, and your webpage is barely in it. Let's call it arty?

Deathless is first choice (I devoured Fairyland every week all 2009 long!) but I would be happy to receive any! (NEED MOAR BOOKS.)

Jimmy the cat wouldn't pose for this picture with me. He doesn't like pictures.

Lily found In the Night Garden quite compelling!

I am not enough of a Whedon fan to appreciate the latest book, but would love Deathless or Fairyland

Seneca the black poodle is still reading Habitation, and declined to be photographed.

As I'm dogsitting at my parents' house, I don't have access to my own animals, or to my paper copies of your books, so this will have to do:

My stepdad's dog, with Habitation, on a computer connected to the internet.

Oops, meant to add that I'd most love a copy of Fairyland, but I'd be happy with any. :)


The crazy maine-coon/oriental mutt cat with Palimpsest.

Deathless or Fairyland. :)

Thank you for doing this!

Deathless or Fairyland, please. x

My beloved furball (aka Torin, aka Thievy Little Git) has once again determined that I am not allowed to read and has stolen my book (In The Night Garden, to be exact) as his pillow. I believe he is trying to absorb it through the power of Stripey.

Torin steals my books again

(Should His Stripeyness catch more than just a nap and maybe net his doting Mom a book, Deathless would be wonderful. I've been dying to continue it since you posted the tidbit a while back!)

"When cats sit on top of books / They're really reading by osmosis!"

[Talis Kimberley, "I Want To Be An X-Cat"]

Jake sleeps with Ventriliquism.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Freya loves to read Catherynne Valente!

:D I love how mad she looks. >D So cute!

I'm too lazy to do the contest (FINALSWEEK!), but I will say that I'm going to use Deathless as a conversation starter with the hunky new librarian, who I learned yesterday has a bachelor's in Russian Lit.


OMG he is so fascinated by it!

Lemme try that again:
Zilla, with Apocrypha

Cultured kitty reads Apocrypha and looks vaguely majestic-ish.
(That's Zilla! She actually sat still long enough for me to take a picture of her! ^^;;)

Deathless or Fairyland would be rad. >D
....I have another pic, too. I will upload that later. ...>3

*keff* Well, yes. I took this at Sea World last year. >D


That's really funny, because the state of the desk in my dorm room right now, unaltered:

His name is William Bunny Yeats and I assume that he is very notable in the rabbit literary tradition.

My camera's phone is horrible.

But Nicky is always glad to pose with a good book!

if I can get the ferrets to cooperate I will have to participate. 3 ferrets, 3 book owned, 3 prizes available during the 3rd month of the year. I wonder how many more 3 linkages I could find to annoy the superstious or the numerologists.

My cat Pepper seems to like the book with "spice" in the title....


My first choice would be Fairyland, since I loved the beginning but reading on the computer gave me a headache. I am so looking forward to the print version!

Torrrtiiieeee. So adorable. *_*

No clue how to get the photo to actually show up here

But I took it! It is there! and I made a brand new...meaning to do it for a long time...livejournal account just for this reason. Hope it counts anyway.

Re: No clue how to get the photo to actually show up here

Can you link to it anywhere?


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