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Deathless and Fairyland Tour Dates
c is for cat
My spring is finally coalescing into Cat Does All the Tours! So here are my dates for the Deathless tour:

March 25-27: Aggiecon, College Station, TX. I'm GoH! Eeee! Only my second stint as guest of honor anywhere!

March 29 Madame X Launch Party, NYC/6:00pm (s00j ! Anna Vasilevskaya, Russian singer extraordinaire! Possibly puppets! You must come!)

April 3 KGB Bar Sunday Night Fiction, NYC (Not the Wednesday night one--am branching out, yo. Non-genre people, hold on to your non-robotic HATS.)

April 7 Between Books, Claymont, DE/7:00pm

April 8:
Will be speaking to the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society at 9pm.

April 9 Towne Book Center, Collegeville, PA/2:00pm

April 14 The Book Cellar, Chicago, IL/7:00pm

April 16 Pandemonium Books and Games, Cambridge, MA/6:00pm

April 28 Longfellow Books, Portland, ME/7:00pm

And then Fairyland, which does not have venues attached to it yet but I am telling you where I will be.

May 9th: International Reading Association conference, Orlando, FL.
Los Angeles: May 10th – 13th

San Francisco: May 14th – 17th
(I'll be at Writers with Drinks on the 14th!)

Portland: May 18th – 20th

Seattle: May 21st- 23rd
(There will also be a Deathless dinner at The Night Kitchen zomg!)

New York: BEA May 23rd-26th

Wiscon: (GIANT FAIRYLAND LAUNCH PARTY with s00j , and yes we need helpers!) May 26-30th

And then comes summer with all my crazy convention appearances--I'm GoH at Convergence in Minneapolis and Mythcon in Alberquerque and Continuum in Melbourne Australia and THEN comes ComicCon and Worldcon.

I will be zombie Cat at the end of it all, you're right. But what fun I'll have getting there. We're still determining what shows s00j  will be at, but mark your calendars, either way!

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Any chance you will be at the GeekGirlCon in Seattle?

I don't know anything about it! when is it?

October 8-9, 2011 at the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms in Seattle, WA, it is our first one! I am only a volunteer. :)

It would be tough for me to swing travel--most of this stuff is GoH and other things that bring me out. :( I so want to though.

It is all good. If you happen to be close by drop on in. You can keep up with us on the website, twitter, or facebook. I do not think she has created a livejournal account yet. :)
It is all about the new generation of Geek Girls supported by all the Geek Girls from all the generations that had to hide our geekiness for so long! :)

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