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Woot! I'd be happy to help at Wiscon.

ohoh! me too! also, I'm super excited to see you at both WisCon and ConVergence.

(Deleted comment)
I'll be in DC in October for Capclave, where I am also GoH!

Are you still going to be at AggieCon in Tx? And if so will you be signing books?

I'm GoH at Aggiecon! I will definitely be there. It's just before Deathless comes out--but I'll add it on.

Don't forget Aggiecon is in the town I live in now-- I'll be around and would very much like to do dinner or something.

YAY! You're coming to Chicago :)

Any chance you will be at the GeekGirlCon in Seattle?

I don't know anything about it! when is it?

Will you be at Borderlands at all in SF? If so, I may see you there!

Yay, you are going to make it to Seattle and I will be in town at the time. AND THEN a party at Wiscon!? *Dances around.*

Yay! San Francisco time! And right after my birthday, too!

Lo! I begin my plotting to see if I can arrange to be in Andover, Mass for the time of your events in Cambridge or Portland! Excellent -- the timing might very well work with travel I'd have to do anyway around that timeframe.

Hurray, you're coming to Chicago again soon! I'm so sad that I won't make WisCon this year, with the launch of Fairyland and all. I'm tempted to drive up just for one day anyway. Still doing a Fairy Fancy Dress Party?

Is there anything you require from a local for your Portland (West Coast Version) visit?

Seattle: May 21st- 23rd (There will also be a Deathless dinner at The Night Kitchen zomg!)


Philly/DE dates = french toast / drinking games time?

Yes! Also, it's my birthday, so D is thinking of maybe a birthday party in Philly?

OH GREAT. There's two more events that I'll be missing in NYC because I have to work three weeks in Paris! *cries*

yay! you're in town right after my birthday!

do you need help putting an LA venue together?

Chicago?! The Book Cellar!? I'm so there!

You need a couch to sleep on or are they putting you up in hotels? Want me to go ask Women and Children First (in my neighborhood) if you can add a reading there or is one in Chi-town enough?

Also, squeeeee! I get to see you!

We were just going through old photos and the last time you were here, you had just got the manuscript for review from the OT sequel and were looking over it. That is way too long to have been away from my house, my dear.

Also, found a pic of Elle and Sage. They were both so little and young and naive.

*officially marks May 18-20th on calendar, considers, and then adds May 21st-23rd as well*

I am SO EXCITED to see you!! PLEASE let me know if you need anything here on the ground in Portland before you get here.

Seconded on all counts! School schedule be damned!

Aaargh! Not old enough for Writers with Drinks! This is the thirdieth time this has happened. I'd tape my underage ID to my forehead if I thought they'd let me in.

I'm otherwise excited for you to be in SF, though!

Are you signing and/or reading at BEA? I work in the book business so I'll be there all week in meetings--I rarely get to do the author-event stuff and it recently occurred to me that this is a sad omission on my part, so I'm trying to carve out at least a bit of time away from the businessy part.
(Chang introduced me to you at Readercon last year but I haven't seen you read, and I'd like to.)

Aww, no love for Ohio? Sad pandas! :( Have a good tour!

I just don't think I have enough of a fanbase there anymore to justify flying out.

My Portland, yay! (As opposed to your Portland, I suppose...)

If you need pup or kitty cuddles while you're here, my place has two of each. :)

Yay for the Collegeville date! Let me know if you're craving/desperate for any specific 'things' at that point in the madness and I'll bring them for you!

You're going to be in my neck of the woods a lot over the next couple months! Can I entice you to hang out with me while consuming mead and cupcakes, as mentioned previously? (I'm the girl who worked on your books.) I'd LOVE to hang out while you're in NYC.

I'd love to!

A Fairyland appearance AND a Deathless dinner? Please keep us posted on Seattle events - I can't wait! I finally got my hands on a copy of Ventriloquism and your words are so lovely I want to carry them around in my mouth like fragile little eggs.


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