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for what little this is worth... it doesn't just have to be "physicality as the only reason for marriage". My wife is awesome and I love her. But when we first met we used to go for long walks and shoot baskets together and various other active endeavors. Unfortunately, since we got married, she's had a number of health problems (fibroid surgery, lower back minor surgery, etc.) that have made those sorts of things a distant memory. None of those problems are her fault and I don't blame her for them, but it's still disappointing to me, and I think I'd be a lot more upset if it was (my perception that it was) her decision to make herself semi-disabled. If I had married someone who at the time seemed perfectly capable of maintaining a normal weight and then gained enough weight to have diabetes/knee problems/etc. I might have a different attitude, and it wouldn't be just because of her appearance.

However my wife is awesome and it's not a big deal.

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