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I'm perilously close to hitting 300 lbs. My lowest adult weight? I had people coming up to me and asking if I'd been sick. Apparently, I look like crap at 175. I'm pretty much un-hot, and I'm ok with it, because my goals don't involve the public eye. I've always preferred being backstage where what I can do is more important than what I look like.

That said, I've found so much strength in your monsters. When I grow up (it'll happen eventually, right? - I'm only 36, after all), I'd love to be a monster in one of your books, because they're the ones with the interesting stories. Who've done the important things in the background, while everyone else is paying attention to the person in the spotlight.

I can think of worse fates, at any rate.

I love my monsters, too. ;)

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