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On the internet
I saw an editor, wrathful, mocking,
who, sitting behind their keyboard,
a red pen clasped in a shaking talon,
brandished it.

I asked, "What is it, friend?"
"It is horrible, horrible," she answered;
"But I loathe it
because it is dog-fuckingly awful,
and it's not being written for me."

I agree with this comment.

your icon perplexes me... mostly because i am used to hearing "blood and thunder" said by orcs in WoW.

It's from oglaf.com (NSFW)

"twitchy made a dust angel!"


where the hell am i going to put it? i live in a small house!

It is far bigger on the inside than the outside.

Like the TARDIS? OMG, this explains so much!

Sometimes you make me laugh so hard I just have to shout out loud!

I am so excited! I AM SO EXCITED.

I got my password but probably won't start reading till the end of the week, after I finish Fairyland #1

Ezra Pound humour. Wow I feel erudite. Can't wait to start.

Just got my password. It is so very, very cool!

*password request Emailed* I am squeeing like mad that you're doing this :)

I have my shiny new password! Will there be a special login page later?

The posts will be password-protected, individually. (tho it'll be the same password for them all)

I am hoping that some part of the posts will appear in an RSS feed so that my aggregator can tell me that something new has been posted, even though I'll have to log into to see exactly what that something is?

I do believe that's how it works, yes. (We'll test the RSS-friendliness shortly)

Kewl. The first post did show up in my feed for confirmation on that.

Ok, tested. The posts do appear on the RSS feed, so you'll see entries like:
Protected: Chapter 1
with links to the actual posts (which then make you put in a password). So, it behaves well with RSS readers.
We also put in a 'Subscriptions' sidebar on the right, which also lets you put in your email, to be notified when new posts appear.

Thanks! That's very decent of you.

I miss reading your 'rough' work- I remember reading parts of Labyrinth before it was ever real flesh and paper- that exciting thing of words that are real yet not real, the feeling of creation at it's most raw

I wish you nothing but the best in this Cat- I hope no one ever breaks your trust :)

(Deleted comment)
Life is exciting! And it will be good to flex my editorial/writer's workshoppy skills on something fictional, since I'm currently working in educational publishing.


I'd love to follow along but do I need to have read the first book for any of this to make sense to me?

I'm certainly hoping not.

In fact, please do follow along - you can provide valuable perspective, of somebody who hasn't read the first book!

Then I look forward to it!

I am so there they had to build there around me. :D

Oh. Man. I am there!

Awesome poem.

And I applied even though I didn't finish the first Fairyland yet. Maybe I can contribute something meaningful anyway.

great idea! I'll certainly sign up :)

~facepalm~ It would probably help if I could remember my own e-mail address, for the up-signing.

Looking forward to seeing the progression between drafts and final. Hoping I might be of use. Learning *all* the blessed time. Thank you for tossing this invitation wide. :)

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