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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Rah rah! *looks for a pile of hats to toss into the air*

I admire the decision and wish you all the best with the campaign! Exciting times.

You brave and wonderful thing! As an Westie I imagine I can't (and if not, shouldn't) vote on East coast matters, but I shall vote for you in spirit.

Am I a bad person? I had to read that four or five times before it sank in that you wrote 'Director'. I repeatedly parsed it as 'Dictator'.

And if I could vote, I would vote for you. For either post, when it comes down to it.

I'm on the wrong continent to vote, but good luck!

Too many acronyms... what's a SFWA?

Excellent! My alter-ego is a SFWA member in the eastern region and will definitely vote for you.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Is there something we fans can do to be supportive if we are not on the boards?

Volunteer for SFWA at cons and such, and/or boost the signal. (No one else is running so I should be pretty good though.)

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