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You read my sentence wrong. I said we don't believe ghosts are non-realistic. America totes believes in ghosts.

Anyway, holy crap, almost all SFF is about things other than their SFF element!

Ah. Yes, I did. My apologies.

And agreed that almost all SFF (or "non-realistic fiction") is about things other than the non-realistic elements (either exclusively about other, or inclusive but "about more than").

But the suggestion of an element that might not be able to exist, but could if understood a certain way, isn't to me thematically the same as the "yes, all things are true" approach. Robicheaux's ghost might not be a ghost, or it could be. To me that's solidly different to "all the things in Prester John are real". It might be an attempt to examine the same theme-coin from two different sides, or it might not be.

I guess, I don't think that "the Electric Mist" is a "ghost story" that's using the tactic of "of course we all know that there aren't any such things as monsters, best beloved, except there are" like one would find in modern horror (which the mainstream nobbins seem to want to call "psychological thrillers", viz Repulsion and Fight Club).

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