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Congrats on the nomination for a Black Quill Award!!!!

Congrats to Apex's accomplishments at having two stories in a Year's Best!! You have discerning taste, apparently!

Wait, what? I got nominated for a thing?


(Single work, non-anthology short fiction appearing in a print or virtual magazine; awarded to the author)

* “Bully” by Jack Ketchum (Postscripts 22/23)
* “Goblin Boy” by Rick Hautula (Cemetery Dance #63)
* “Secretario” by Catherynne M. Valente (Weird Tales, Summer 2010)
* “The Things” by Peter Watts (Clarkesworld, January 2010)
* “We” by Bentley Little (Cemetery Dance #64)

*dances with* Thank you, lady.

Great icon! Great news about the two Apex stories, great work and I love the idea of you having written a cowboy poem. What next, I wonder? Something James Bondian?

Holy crap... I would kill for a 'Valente does James Bond' piece!!

Huzzah for awesomeness!

Also, I'm guessing that "In the poly world ... you're partner has good relationship moments in their other relationships." wants a "your" instead of "you're".

Edited at 2010-12-03 07:17 pm (UTC)

You need to write a western. Complete with all the stereotypes archetypes, like the mysterious stranger, the gun toting preacher, the evil, rich, cattle baron, the corrupt sheriff and his greasy, idiot deputy, and the independent and noble ranchers/miners who stand up to injustice.

(a) I've found that the "staying awake" tactic doesn't kick my insomnia's ass. What does is the alarm clock and an early, regular, wake-up and morning routine coupled with a "go to bed at a normal time, don't watch TV, don't read, don't listen to music, just ablutions and lights out". After a few days it does the trick. It's the regular wake up time, get out of bed, and get on with your day that seems to correct the cycle.

(b) Today, I totally talked up your books at my FLBS. I expect stockage. If I don't see any soon, I shall browbeat my buddies that work there. 8/

(c) Writing in "manly genres". Well, very interesting. My vote would be less "Bond" and more "Deighton" or "Le Carre" or "Furst" or "Ambler", but yes: Valente-spy-thriller... very interesting. ::castsvote::

Oh! Wow! That's GREAT, Miss Editrix! Congratulations!

And to the authors, too! :-D

I'll do my best to get there as I'd love to hear you. That's sandwiched between a visit from the cable guy and my boss's holiday party.

Congratulations all round! :)

Congratulations on EVERYTHING. This is amazing and I'm squeeing pretty loudly. If the wind's not blowing too hard, you should be able to hear me.....and I'm for the spy novel in a big way.

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