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In Jennifer Garner's defense, D,WMC? was pre-Alias, and led to an adorable moment when she won the Golden Globe after the first season: "Thanks to [the producers] for taking a chance on an unknown...I mean, I know I was good in Dude, Where's My Car?, but..."

God, I am so sorry you had to watch GI Joe. At. All.

It actually inspired me, for the first time in my life, to ask for my money back at the theater.

It also started the new rule of "If it looks horrible and you really want me to see it, you're going to have to buy my ticket because I'm not spending any more money on this shit."

My brother (who loved playing with his G. I. Joe figurines as a kid, and so was persuaded by friends to go see the movie) said that the only good thing about him seeing it in the cinema was the fact the place was a specialty-movie-house that served alcohol, and about 30 minutes into the film, one of his friends bought a round for everyone.

AngelVixen :-)

Locals, as in "Local friends we know", or as in "Calling all townies!"? 'Cause the wife and I will be in Maine for a month visiting the parents, and I've never been on the island in the middle of winter, and it could be an Experience. Just saying... ;).

Hey, what have you got against Mario's ship? Wouldn't you like to fly around space on a ship that looked exactly like your head?

I know I would.

....no. Not at all, really. I liked the weird dark spaceship from the first one.

Black fig infused vodka sounds AMAZING.

Dude.. it was completely amazing. I'm still thinking about it. Black fig, and toasted vanilla bean, and pink pepper. Oh yeah.

Hopefully next semester I won't have evening classes... because right now I am booked up 4 nights a week, which means I can pretty much never make book discussion. :(

Tomorrow I will make borscht for book club

Heya! If you like, I can furnish you with a recipe for a green borscht, using sorrell, not beets, and from a beef stock. (Yes, I am that fellow, meeting you at your reading in Portland, and yes indeed the Green Elephant was a very fine meal indeed, thankyouverymuch.)

I like beets!

It was awesome to meet you though. I hope to do so again someday!

hello, i have added you by way of @habiliments, especially because of your reference to black fig infused vodka :)

Endless love and admiration for Left Hand of Darkness! Utterly amazing.

I wasn't utterly amazed--I think it's dated rather badly, on the gender front. And the pronoun thing undid a lot of what she was trying to accomplish, I thought. I was won over by her subsequent essays on the issue though.

I liked the book, but it has some problems.

LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness was a very good read. Not as good as The Dispossessed or Always Coming Home (imho), but those three should be must reads for any sci-fi fan - esp. The Dispossessed.

You forgot "Drank bacon soda." Perhaps intentionally.

However, the face in that picture is now and forevermore my image of you reading a story that is not living up to standards.

Oh jesus.. I just shuddered from the sense memory of that... I still want to vomit a little bit from the bacon soda.

I second how awesome the black fig vodka sounds and include the paprikash. Were you watching the GI Joe live action movie or the cartoons? (1)

(1) Holiday downtime for me always seems to involve He-Man,She-Ra, Jem and Thundercats.

ETA: There is also a completely wacked-out He-Man/She-Ra Christmas special.

Edited at 2010-11-29 09:15 pm (UTC)

Live action. The cartoons would have probably been better.

I'm sorry, I just signed up for this so I genuinely have no idea if you mean literally folding them or closing down the project.

Just curious:)

Folding the paper ones, to put them in envelopes! :)

I want to hear all about your feast. :-D <*is planning her Solstice Party menu already*>

Sounds to me like you've maybe just got a bad HDMI cable connecting your Xbox and the TV. You can get a new one on amazon for between $5 and $10 (whatever you do, don't go to Best Buy and let them try to sell you a $100 cable).

But no other games have this issue? I mean, RB requires more sound and video syncing than any other, but...

Don't have much to comment on except to say that your book club seems like it has fantastic selections and I am envious.

How were the pumpkins? Which varieties were best? I am so curious!

We keep getting sugar pumpkins in our food delivery box but... I think I don't like them. Don't like the texture. So I'm curious if it's the one they are sourcing, or if I just don't like sugar pumpkins.


So we didn't get very big pumpkins, and pretty much only the pams came up. But they were good and tasty and creamy! But the texture is pretty much pie texture once you make it into a pie...

The Left Hand of Darkness.
mmm, on my favorites list.

All I have to say is:

Thankskilling: "Nice tits, b*tch!"

What a piece of... art.

Yay, someone else watched it!

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