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Deathless ZOMG
So I'm still in NYC for the SFWA Mill and Swill tonight and thus without my proper computer, since I'm trying to be less addicted. I am borrowing justbeast 's computer because this is so awesome and I've been waiting forever to show people and I can't wait. I am weak.

OMG the cover for DEATHLESS is revealed!

I have been looking at this and being amazed and enthralled for awhile now but I couldn't show anyone until the process post went up (which is fascinating, there are like seven other options they thought about that you can look at) but now I can show you. It's so much more beautiful than anything I could have imagined, and all vintagey looking, and no reversed R's and just looks like a serious and awesome book. Which I hope it is. (Though it might, weirdly, also be the funniest book I've ever written, if you like morbid gallows humor.)

Anyway, here it is! Look at my new baby!

*incoherent Muppet sounds*

I have no Deathless icons yet! I gotta get on the ball...

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Love it! I want a Catherynne M. Valente prapaganda poster!

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