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Fuck. YEAH.

seriously awesome cover. Cannot wait to get my grubby hands on it

That's fabulous. It looks like blackwork!

I loved it this weekend and I still. freaking. LOVE IT. Lookit your NAME all gorgeous and weathered and red and black and big! Lookit that blurb from Cory Doctorow, King of the Internet! Lookit that dude (it is Koschei, right?)'s HAIR! Lookit those vines and the clouds and the BIRDS! Gah, I love it so much I want to posses it somehow other than just the normal ways and I don't know what I mean anymore.



Can I display it as a coffee-table book?

That totally needs to be done in embroidery. it woudl be glorious blackwork.....


What's the book about anyway? You've told me perhaps but I got a mind like a sieve these days.

It's a retelling of marya morevna and koschei the deathless set in the stanist era and the siege of leningrad.

Oooh. Woodblock print style. Love it.

I have been waiting for this since you wrote of the ideas sometime around your honeymoon, I believe?!? This is gonna be so awesome, and the cover is spot on gorgeous.

(I can haz nao plz? Nao? Iz tiem yetz?)

There's something wrong with that cover, but I can't quite put my fing- oh! I know! Here, let me fix it for you.

There you go.

Ahahahaha. The win is yours, sir.

Again, gorgeous. I love some of the alternates too!

BEAUTIFUL! thank you so much for posting

Love it! I want a Catherynne M. Valente prapaganda poster!

Oh, wow... that's a nice effect. It brings up so many positive associations with used bookstores and libraries and things. In fact, the first thing I thought of when I saw it was how I felt when I found the well-used paperback copy of The Tombs of Atuan in my high school library in 8th grade.

I confess I must have missed any mention of this book among the hubbub over Habitation (or Hab-Bub, if you will) but the cover is intriguing.

That is stunning -- and shows that the publisher and the artists understand the book. Yay.

Oh, wow. That is fucking gorgeous. It gives me goosebumps.

How soon is this in print?? (I know, it's next year sometime, not, like, tomorrow. Dammit. I am really, really looking forward to the story, too.)

Looks great! And it was wonderful to meet you (again) at the reading last night.

That is a seriously marvelous cover. Congrats!

Beautiful! And I'll see you tonight.

Wow. Homerun. And your name! So large! So orange!

I kind of want this now. Not now as in I didn't want it before, but now as in maitenant. This is beautiful cover.

ZORMG! (it deserves the extra meaningless R)--this is beautiful! I will do little 'can't wait' dances until March.

so long as it is not a backwards, meaningless "Я".
I can't wait until March either! Birthday gift book!

Let's hear it for a lack of backwards "R"s!



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