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c is for cat
It is time to announce the winners of the Prester John raffle!


The grand prize goes to...ironed_orchid !

First prize goes to...theironchocho !

Send me your addresses, guys! And thank you to everyone who linked and supported the book.

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Congratulations to the winners!

I love how both names contain the word "iron". :D

Ha, I didn't notice that. I like it, too. Beautiful icon, btw. I'm reading Kij Johnson's Fox Woman right now so I'm in love with kitsune at the moment.

Thanks! :) (I like your Sailor Mercury one.)

Kij is an amazing author; I got to have coffee with her once when she was still living in Seattle, and traded her a pair of earrings I made for a copy of Fox Woman (as she had too many, so she was selling them).

Thank you! What a cool story about meeting Kij. I find trading so interesting since I've rarely done it in life.

You seem interesting, may I friend you?

I'm so glad you asked. Yes, please!

Being ferrous has its priveleges.

Random result is also coincidental.

Clearly, it wasn't rigged, because you couldn't make it up.

Omg, after a devastatingly tough week, this makes me so so so happy. PMing you my info now. <3

It speaks to the awesomeness of the universe that prizes (can) go to people who've had devastatingly tough weeks. 8)

YAY! Congratulations, people I do not know! I am very happy for you!

Your work is amazing. I can't believe one of these will be mine.

That is so awesome! I hope you get much happiness from it!

Emailed you my postal addy.

(Also needed to post again using my YAY icon.)

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