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I might have a shred more sympathy for the apologia (which is pretty terrible) if djm4 hadn't sent me this video from 2008 in which Fry says exactly the same thing.

Yeah, that certainly gives his humble apology a lot less sincerity.

What's more, in his "apology," he says "But...but it was just a riff from a book I wrote 20 yrs ago."

So, what? We're supposed to go, "Oh, you haven't learned a thing in two decades? All is forgiven!"

If I ever do that, I hope all my friends will kick me in the ass. Of course, if I ever do that, I don't think I'll have very many friends left.

There's a certain kind of man who, if he were straight, would be misogynist but superficially nice to women so he could get them to have sex with him; but, being gay, realizes that he doesn't have to pretend to like the bitches.

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