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But please, it hurts me to think that you don't know how often I e talked about the cultural conflicts.

Granted, I haven't been at the cons you're talking about, but I do know. I read what you write here, I read your fiction, I know you care. .That is why this is hurtful.

Look, being erased is something I just expect in most of the genre. People in this larger-community still ask me how I can think Hinduism is underrepresented, when Zelazny used it? It's the sort of thing I normally wince over and move on; it's not something I'd normally bother to engage on. What's bothering me is that you are doing it in this post, and you are someone I trust not to.

I know it's not your intent. Or I'd have just moved on.

The problem is not that you're talking about something else. It's that you're talking about something else in terms that strongly say 'this is the whole of it, barring a few exceptions'.

And your having talked about other facets, elsewhere, doesn't help that.
Is that clearer?

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