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I hope it isn't too late to enter this contest. For what it's worth, I posted a link to the video on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/keith.glaeske/posts/130441120344007
And I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Habitation of the Blessed from Borderlands Books!


Done. Twittered and posted to failbook/myfail as well.

Giggle. One of the many authors I adore has a new #book out. http://yuki-onna.livejournal.com/615504.html I want it & you do too. #geek less than 20 seconds ago via Twitterrific for Mac

Link is here. And every word is true. SO EXCITED TO READ~!

If it's not too late to enter: http://triskelmoon.livejournal.com/71065.html


For what it's worth, I also posted to Dreamwidth here.

And, er, I may have pressed it through FB again by posting a link to the video.

Happy belated bookday, and anniversary!

My DW post is here; the LJ post-mirror is here.


LJ Pre-Review Entry (cause I am damn slow for reading this week):

Review will come as soon as I finish it, probably next week.

Yay! All very exciting stuff, and I look forward to buying multiple copies for family members. :D
Tweeted it with a link to the Prester John website: http://twitter.com/ArtemisHi/status/2050555908198400

I linked on Facebook, because I have a number of friends there who would be interested and wouldn't see my LJ. Here's a screencap. I would post a review -- but my bookstore hasn't gotten a copy yet! They've promised to email me the moment it comes in... D:

Adding this link to my post here, too, so that it's gathered up with the rest.

I threw up a twitter link- kind of wish I had a bigger net presence.


Thank you for extending the deadline for this contest! I missed it until now.


Thanks for the reminder. I'd completely forgotten about the Prester John contest when I posted the pic of Dante nibbling on my e-copy of The Habitation of the Blessed last night: I was clever enough to link to the amazon.com page in the entry, though I just name-dropped in the corresponding tweet and facebook post.

squeeking in the door


well, every little helps I hope :)

Posted! And so looking forward to reading. So much. My honors degree was actually in medieval studies, with a thesis on color symbolism in the work of Hildegard of Bingen, even though I've ended up working with computers and jewelry.

It's couched in a lot of meta about context in fiction, but there's both praise of the book and a link to the video in this post:


I finally found five minutes and my brain at the same time! \o/


I know I missed the contest, but I wanted to give you my links anyway.

LJ: http://sarapada.livejournal.com/228636.html

GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/128630737


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