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Now THAT is a great last line. Congratulations!

I have to admit that I'm half-way though it (reading the Kindle edition on my phone, whee!) and people have been asking me for days why this sudden love-affair with my phone.
Can't put it down can't put it down can'tputitdownmustgoreadmore.

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My copy arrived yesterday, whoohoo!

That's fantastic!

It seems like someone bought it off my Wish List -- I just hope it's not a mistake and they mean it for me!

Great conceit, great novel, worthy review. You're a shining star for all to see.

*grins wide* Oh my, that means a lot coming from you!

My copy just arrived today from Amazon (guess they shipped physical copies early also) and it's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get started! I just finished Mermaid's Madness and was about to begin Red Hood's Revenge but plans have changed.

Looking forward to reading it.


Last weekend I crossed paths w/ seanan_mcguire at Borderlands Books in San Francisco. She pointed out a particular book on the shelves, so I had to take a picture of her with it before I bought it:


(blurry Jeremy in the background)

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I am enjoying reading it immensely. I loved the short story and am so delighted to see this in book format ^_^

I am about half way through, and I like it. I am savoring it like dark chocolate and good single malt.

I'm so going to have to get this book. When will it be available in Australia?

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