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Was Elizabeth Moon selected for Guest of Honor *despite* her Islamophobia and nativism, or was this a newly revealted issue?

Hard to say-it was certainly on display before then. I feel like it was known, but then, I'm not sure how diligently she was googled or looked into or known before her choice. She's pretty progressive in a lot of ways, so it's possible people assumed she was what they wanted in all ways.

I've seen one or two mentions of some relatively obscure instances. I'd like to see some concrete evidence that her Nativism and anti-Islamic prejudice were on display before her 9/11 post.

Jumping in, sorry. Newly-revealed issue, AFAIK, and caused by a post about 1-2 months ago (GoH invitations went out over a year ago and by the time Moon's blog post went up she'd already been announced as a GoH).

I saw a link to her comment in an NPR discussion, that shows definite issues with Islam. I don't have a date for that, and given Juan Williams, it's a needle in a haystack search now.

FYI, the particular post that started all this brouhaha is here: http://e-moon60.livejournal.com/335480.html

I hope that's for the general readership...because I not only know about that post, I wrote quite a bit in it. What I want to address is the idea that "Wiscon should have known, this was no surprise". I don't think EM's disdain for Islam was well known, and want to find any links that suggest that it was evident and obvious. BEFORE her now infamous LJ entry.

Oh. Yeah, okay, that was for the general readership. You're right, I don't think it was well known before that post.

A search of older web archives shows long-standing Islamophobia of the "it's an inherently sexist & oppressive religion" variety, but nothing that indicates "I don't think they're qualified to be US citizens, and I refuse to discuss what misconceptions I might have about the religion or Muslim cultures."

replyhazy posted a link last month: more Elizabeth Moon on Islam? Is this also by the author?
But at root, as its name says, it is a religion of submission. And that leads inevitably to political and economic and theological forces that inhibit creativity, intellectual growth, and personal freedom. Everyone may be equal before God, but they are not equal before Sharia law: women are not equal to men in court (a woman's testimony is worth half of a man's) non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims in the law (as more than one American working in countries under Sharia law found out.) When "submission" is the highest value, there is no reason to search for more or different truths--truth has already been laid down and the individual's duty is submission. Children's submission to parents, women's submission to men, men's submission to rulers, everyone's submission to Allah.
(Sorry about delete & repost; I can't edit comments & I'd forgotten how LJ does usertags.)

Thank you, that's the reference I was thinking of.

Given that this is the only other reference people had found...unless something further emerges, I'm inclined to say that Ms. Moon's attitudes about Islam were not widely known, and it would have taken a pretty exhaustive search to uncover this. (I'm assuming that replyhazy went looking for examples of earlier problematic connections between Ms. Moon and Islam, as opposed to the open ended vetting that would have been done in a GoH check.

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