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major SF publishers are publishing novels about the Islamicization of the world

Can you point me at these books? They sound like something I'd be interested in picking up. /doesn't read enough SF or pay attention to new releases in that genre

Tom Kratman's Caliphate and A Desert Called Peace. Spinrad's Osama the Gun will be out from Tor early next year. Incidentally, these books are not positive visions of Islam.

... Oh. *winces* I was hoping for positive visions. Oh well. Thank you for answering!

I hear Saladin Ahmed's forthcoming books will be more along the lines of what you're looking for, but they're not due out until 2012 or so.

Oooh! Thank you for pointing this out!

You're welcome!

In the meantime, I hear there's going to be this awesome Arab/Muslim issue of Apex.

Seconding the recommendation for Saladin Ahmed.

Well yes, the point I was making is that enough SF fans consume these entertainments to suggest that Moon isn't somehow outside of an imagined "lockstep" fandom.

Sorry, I just got excited by the idea of SF doing something as neat as that that I kind of missed what you were actually saying. >_


(Also OH TOR BOOKS NO. Given how revolting his last book was, why publish another one?)

Ooh! Thank you for pointing this out!

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