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I have to be quite honest: I am taking you all on your words about how awful the original post was because I couldn't get through the first couple of paragraphs.

Actually, that was part of the problem: A lot of people looked at the first few paragraphs, didn't read further, and left comments saying "Yes, this sounds quite reasonable". And then someone read the whole thing and said "Um, guys? I hope you're not saying that this and this and this are reasonable, because they're not".

Lesson learned!

I didn't comment there and I haven't commented anywhere. But if reasonable people such as Cat and yourself say it was awful, then it must have been. I don't know enough to say more than that, since I couldn't read the whole thing. :)

My brain must have known what it was getting into and shut off.

It occurs to me that I should expand and say that normally I don't react this way. In this sort of situation, I usually read the whole post and most of not all of the comments, probably read some of the posts other people have made about the original post, and then after all of that, I will comment and/or post myself as I feel capable.

For some reason, Moon's post just shut down my brain and I was unable to read the original post. I've read plenty about it from other people, but haven't made any comments or posts of my own since I didn't read the entirety of the original post.

Edited at 2010-10-21 10:17 pm (UTC)

Actually, I found even the first bit about Citizenship and the Health of the Nation and whatnot to smack of soft volkism.

Yeah, I was actually kind of surprised by the number of people who posted "Right on!" comments to those paragraphs; but, as I said, lesson learned.

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