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Prester John Dates
prester john
A little more info about upcoming Prester John events.

World Fantasy Launch
: The Blessed and the Bustled, an event launching both my book and M.K. Hobson's Native Star, this will be Saturday night in a room to be announced, and have fabulous exotic drinks and very likely a raffle. If you're going to be in Columbus...

November 11th-12th
: I'll be in Philadephia, reading at Temple University as part of Samuel Delany's series on the 11th, and at Between Books at 7pm on the 12th. Last time was fab at BB, and they provide cake!

November 18th: Longfellow Books, Portland Maine. Hooray, I get to read in my hometown! Which means I'm terrified no one will come because it's only been my hometown for two years and I don't know THAT many people and eep. But, 7pm, in one of the greatest indie bookstores around. If you're in the area please come!

November 21st: The Wold Newton Reading Series at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn: this is the Big Show, with Brian Slattery and his band playing fantastic accompanying music and an array of belly dancers and burlesque, this is not to be missed under any circumstances! 6:30 pm, I'll be in costume as usual, and staying awhile to go to the SFWA meet and greet the next day.

December 11th: Pandemonium Books, Boston, 3 pm. Matinee show! I'm still seeking performers for this one, so if any dancers, strowlers, singers, or what have you want to come and play please contact me! Dinner will follow at a forgiving restaurant!

There has been some talk of a Chicago reading--and the answer is, I would love to. However, I don't know Chicago at all, and would need a venue. I'm pretty sure I'd have a place to stay, and we wanted to visit friends anyway, so if Chicago peeps can think of a place to get it done, well, hey, it could happen. But I need help, because I've only performed in Chicago once before.

These will likely be the events--more if more opportunities come up.

And, finally, I can announce that I will be Guest of Honor at AggieCon next year in March, which means Texas, a state I don't get to see to often. Come see me, if you're local!

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I imagine 57th Street Books near the University of Chicago would treat you pretty well. Or there's the Seminary Coop, which is in, well, the basement of a seminary, at least for the moment.

I am definitely going to try to make it to the Pandemonium event on December 11. I live walking distance from Pandy now (hooray for moves!).

Oh hey AggieCon is now our local. Which means when you come we should hang out, and I can definitely tell you where the good restaurants and such are in town.

Is there any chance for a Beyond Books or Baltimore-Philly area event? (If not, I totally understand, but wanted to find out so the posse could come cheer for you:))

ETA: Wanted to bus up to the NYC show but I have an obligation I can't get away from that day:/

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Since you're in Philadelphia on 11/11 anyway.....


Sorry, I have the dumb, I'm reading at Between Books on Nov 12. It's up there now.

Hi - I'm the violinist who played with Sharon Knight @ StrowlerCon. My busking act is called "Reverse Polish Notation" - solo violin looping improvisation. I'd love to do some of that for your Pandemonium event Dec 11th. You can hear some samples on this MySpace page.

Let me know if you're interested I'm at i m p r o v [AT] bettywiderski . com

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OMG!!!! I'm local! Guess I'm going to AggiecCon this year. :D ~bounces about with glee~

When is the west coast tour (she asks, selfishly, understanding that the author's time is limited and book tour planning is a complex thing)? We'd love to see you in San Francisco!

I'll be on the west coast in august next year, I'd love to manage SF in Jan or Feb but again, am at a loss for how to set things up out there.

I'll be on the west coast in august next year.

YAY!! I am excited by this news!!

I know Women and Children First in Andersonville (a Chicago neighborhood) supports female authors. I'm more in the used books industry, and whenever we have author events, no one shows up.

However, if you felt like coming to the suburbs of Chicago, to Palatine, to the bookstore where I work, on the second Thursday of any given month, in the evening, you'd have a built-in audience, because that's our open-mic night. And you'd be our featured guest. And we'd make much of you.

And there is always food. And generally John O'Neill from Black Gate Magazine is there, and I know he'd love to flirt with you again. And buy a copy of your book.


If you are my way, I would love to see you.

I'll be at WFC, so I should definitely be there.

So, it'd be awesome if you could free up a little Philadelphia time for dinner with shellefly and me, etc!

The 1st of November is suddenly very near.

Why can't I find any info on the Sam Delany series and your reading on the 11th, other than here? I might be able to make it! It would be a lovely birthday present. :)

it might only be through the university? I don't know!

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Thank you!! Your Googlefu is mighty indeed.

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How wonderful to see you back in Boston! If I can get the day off from work, I'll be there.

Got hours at my local bookstore again which means I might not be able to make it to one where you are reading. I will try to make it to Portland and Cambridge I will try even more. Wicked excited for your new book!

If you're interested in getting awesome performers for the Boston reading, you should contact maskmaker Eric Bornstein.

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