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In the comments to my post yesterday I got fed up with light and dark and said the following.


And people seemed delighted by that, declaring themselves purpleworkers, tealworkers, crimsonworkers, even plaidworkers. Duskworkers. Rainboworkers.

I love that.

But let's take it a little more seriously. Let's think about what we mean when we make those alignments--because alignment is important.

I'll go first.

I chose orange not because it's my favorite color--that's red. But because it's fiery and radiant and full of power, it's pumpkins and autumn--which are times of change and mystery and the scent of woodsmoke the dreaming of the world through winter, and of fruits that take a long time to grow. It's Halloween and strange jewels and persimmons. Because it's loud and unignorable, as September says. It can be warm and comforting, but it's not always the prettiest. Sometimes it's too bright and garish, sometimes it drowns out other colors even if it doesn't mean to, but it's never invisible. It never apologizes for being bright.

What about you?

I deeply want to align.. to these things: love, and extropy (making order out of disorder), and to stories.
But I don't think those have colors, which is sad, cause I'd like to know what those would be.

I dunno: I read that description, and my immediate association is the moment where black meets red at the heart of a poppy ... which, given the traditional associations with poppies, sort of makes sense.

I choose to do the work that I perceive needs to be done regardless of how another person might perceive it or judge me about the choice or the work.

I coined duskworker because it really describes me - I walk the line between light and dark, day and night. Twilight has always been my most comfortable time; I really am a liminal creature, neither here nor there. I'm ambitious, but I try to help others climb their own ladders. I can be capricious and cruel, but I can also be giving and supportive. I'm capable of being on either side of that line, or comfortably straddling the middle, and I have no problem with any of that.

Also, your description of orange pretty much spells out why it's my favourite colour. :-D

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I am a rainbow worker. Because rain is both life giving and picnic altering, sun is both free energy and the heat that bakes soil. Because you need both to get a rainbow. Because you have to be at just the right angle to view me, but when you do I make you smile, even though I mean storms somewhere.

Because the colors blur together at the edges, each part different, but connected, and you have to squint to see them all. Because you might not notice me if you are busy, but if you do see me, you'll stop for a moment, you'll point me out to your companions, and you'll all smile just a bit...and feel a little less alone.

May I join you as a rainbow worker?

I'm skipping the "-worker" construction. The one I always hear is "-hand Path." And I'm a devotee of Hekate, who is, of course, Goddess of the Crossroads and Choice. So I've said for many years that I am neither a Left-hand Path nor a Right-hand Path practitioner, but a Crossroads practitioner. I make my choice every time, and the action of making the choice is very important to me.

Possibly I am a Cloudydaywithsunbreaksworker, though.

I have a really positive relationship with the word work these days. Work is good in my world. It means you live another day, and get to write another book. Ops is my girl.

As much as I hate to sound all gothy/emo/cliche, I really do prefer Black/Darkness. I hate the constant typing of Dark = Evil (heck, it made it to TV Tropes), because it is simply just something that is an element in our world.

Black in pigment is the presence of all color, and in light, the absence. We need both this incorporation and the emptiness to work with. Blackness is present at the beginning but also at the end so it represents the full and complete cycle.

So while this is my "work", due to the negativity associated with "darkness" or "black", I don't tend to really want to talk about it much anymore.

I am probably a purlue worker. Because purple is the color of pain--and of its subsequent healing, to me--and blue is the color of very pure, radiant love. The kind that needs no words, just one of those truly beautiful smiles.

oh, i <3 this.... I want to choose pink because it IS my favorite color (specifically neon-y, fuchsia type pink, not pastel, although there is nothing wrong with pastels). Um. My reasoning is ... it is so NEON, and delights in being bright neon, but it goes well with many other colors/personalities, both light and dark (in my wardrobe, fuchsia functions a a neutral). Pink is found in nature, but neon is often artificially created, and i do delight in honest artifice. Neon colors are so very there, and I am kind of loud and enthusiastic? And looking at this, it sounds like i am arguing neon is a color? Neon-pink-glitter-colorworker? (yay hybridity) (it is possible i may have missed the point entirely, i am going to go get some coffee and ponder)

My hover/active links are *always* #fd0286 which is, as far as I'm concerned, VALIS. Pink also has a sense of humor. It knows what it is, and winks. And the most chased-after reds have always leaned towards pink.

In my life and work, I try to focus on doing things that interest me, help me learn something, or help me seek grace, that all respect (as much as I can) the constraints of not making life harder for other people: so I suppose I proceed directed by self, but while trying not to be selfish, under the assumption that if I get happier, smarter, stronger, wiser whilst not blocking those developments in other people, the overall measure of goodness in the world increases - I try to be kind and thoughtful and helpful, but it's hard and sometimes a struggle.

I'm not sure I associate this with a colour, but given some time this morning musing on your post and thinking of colours, I might choose something like "slate": the colour of a not-angry-but-deep-and-somewhat-northern sea, the colour of the exposed rock in our Canadian Shield that I see when driving that spare stretch of road between Kingston and Ottawa, the color of deep and sleepy dark pine stands on a grey and breezy day. It's not bright; sometimes it is not necessarily visible; sometimes it is not easy or comfortable or pleasant, but in the long run, it seems strong and enduring.

I am a ginworker, largely because I drink gin while I work.

What kind of gin, out of curiosity?

And, is there a significant difference between good gin and bad? (like, say, with tequila?)

"Greenworker" because green is powerful and a bit mysterious and wet and living and why I moved out to the West Coast of Canada where I am.

A fellow greenworker! For me it's because green is all about growing, healing, and the cycle of life and death. Turning decomposing material into plants which create fruits which feed mind, body, and soul.

I'd most likely describe myself in the colorworker system as a Scarlet Worker. That contains blood, sex, sunset, sunrise and luxury. Scarlet is love and war. Likewise, for me it is also in a way about breaking down boundaries--there is the paradox of the sex worker (scarlet woman or man) as holy one, that blood makes people flush with desire and bleed and that adornment is a holy and beautiful thing. There's a bravery in wearing scarlet, that it's not like purple where one gets it for being royal, but scarlet is when one grabs and declares hirself royal--writing a new role and breaking down the boundaries. It makes me think of daring to go out representing oneself exactly as one is. It's about having pride and holding oneself high and sovereign even when the world says you can't possibly be.
Scarlet doesn't bow, but is still compassion and warmth at the same time-it can be a space between where war is tempered with peace and passion is tempered by love. Scarlet is yet another paradox in that is luxury that links us to our own humanity.

One of my patron deities PombaGira is clearly scarlet (this says so little, but at least is a start): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomba_Gira

That's why I'm Scarlet.

I'm a peacock girl. Sometimes inappropriate, occasionally shocking, inevitably memorable. Seriously, it fits: I tend to be a love-or hate type of person, both in my own responses and in the responses I evoke in others. It's still dichotomous, but not in the sense that I *choose* one side of the binary - more that I tend to provoke it.

Interesting way of thinking about things ....

This was harder to answer than I would expect. The instinct was to grab my favorite color (green) and run with it but that didn't ring true.

I think I'd probably categorize myself as a purple worker but the specific color of purple that you get just after sunrise or just before sunset on a clear day. A transitional color between one thing or another, a quiet, introspective color but still somehow playful in my mind (Probably because I think of lighter purples as...windy somehow)

I tend to be more about being than doing...I like to help people and I do take care of myself but I'm rarely ambitious mostly wanting to exist..enjoy being as that seems the simplest joy to me.

I agree with your last statement.

Brocade, in shades of purple and blue and green, with all of the threads weaving in and out of each other to create the glorious whole.

Crimsonworker. Now, the thought would be that I would choose greenworker because I garden and am interested in plants/food/environment. But - crimson? That's the color of the very blood that pumps in our veins, the cooling lava that makes the land itself, the color of the reddest wines, and the passion and love I feel for my friends, partners, community, family, earth, universe.

Crimsonworker all the way for me.


I'll play, as I am currently avoiding data hygiene.

I shall be a yellowworker. Sometimes boring, sometimes overly harsh. Festive, in a kindergarten kind of way. The color of the flowers of a wide multitude of difficult-to-identify plant life.

(My mother, an ardent owner of every Petersens guide ever, used to agonize at length when she couldn't properly identify what she called "another yellow god-knows-what". As the sort of person with no patience for 800 biology lessons on an otherwise pleasant quarter mile walk, I always felt a little smug when she couldn't identify one - like the flowers had won one round or something.)

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You remind me of a guide to Colorado flowers I once had, which I had bought at Rocky Mountain Natl Park. The book called a great number of flowers Darned Yellow Composites. (It went on, of course, to actually identify them, but that's not the point here.)

I am now picturing yellowworking as a preschooler bringing mommy a handful of dandelions.

Like my grandfather before me, I am an octarineworker. We can see things other people don't. We can see the fixed thing inside the broken thing. We can see the better thing inside the bad thing. We can see the carving inside the block of wood, the stained-glass church window inside the pile of glass, the song inside the instrument, and the story inside the blank notebook. People bring us stuff (and beer!) and we give it back to them fixed, or better, or completely different but still more useful than whatever they brought. Sometimes people bring us nothing but questions, and we send them away with stuff and answers.

And our librarian is an orangutan.

Very much love for this comment. In some ways I aspire to be an octarineworker but I don't think it's where I live.

Paisley. Because no matter how many times I go, "Okay, I have ENOUGH ugly paisley ties!" I always end up with more. Paisley can be any color, including some that hurt my eyes. I like that. It is queerly elegant.

I LOVE PAISLEY. I want a paisley tie for my own.

I choose Grey. I am very self centered but do work for others. I dress mostly in Black and do not like color much. Black is my favorite. Grey fits my melancholy mood as well.

Not terribly creative but it is very honest. I choose honesty over creativity.


Oh gosh, am I going to talk about purple on the internet? I think I am.

Purple's midway between cold and hot, but in an interesting rather than lukewarm way--like an ice cube melting in the sun. It's brash and ridiculous and awesome when it needs to be, and it's calm and replenishing when it needs to be. It can be found in nature, but is somewhat rare--it's only in flowers and fruits and sunrises and things.

It's the color I aspire to living: to be awesome when I can, to be chill about things instead of anxious, and to be a (good) surprise to myself and to the world.

This is so close to what I was going to say it would now be redundant. Beautifully eloquent!

I'm convinced someone must've said "sparkleworker" already.

I am a beigeworker. Boring and drab but occasionally useful. And the world looks pleasant through sepiatoned glasses.

I choose waterwork.

Water can be bright, clear, and inviting. It can fill any shape. It contains and sustains life. It soothes and enfolds us. It can be shallow or deep. Ripples in it's surface may go farther than you ever intended.

It can have hidden wonders and dangers in its depths. It can swallow you down, if you do not respect it.

Right, mine.

Gridworker, myself.  I live in colours for everything (mildly synaesthetic), so "$colour-worker" would be a little too all-encompassing.  But dear lord do I like patterns and plans and organisational schemes and finding the most perfect line between A and B and things like that.

I live in colours for everything (mildly synaesthetic)

Hey, me too!


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