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Letters from Proxima Thule

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I love this word duskworker and want to have its shadows. As is only meet for a chap named Gray, I suppose. Bravo!

As for the original division, bah. Anybody who wishes to treat me as an extension of themselves for my own good, is welcome to experience the ineffable Oneness of my knuckles and their nose, just to get them started. What is this man thinking?

It is to notice how we all have flesh and bones, and to demand that we choose between the rival paths of squishy all-swallowing Polyp Person and dusty deathly Skeleton Person, noting by the way that necromancy is really nasty. Clearly, nothing worth having was ever gained by half measures.

I've always been a transitions sort of person, a liminal creature; the idea of working in the twilight - furthering my own purposes while not ignoring others - appeals to me immensely.

Also, I love the "ineffable Oneness of my knuckles and their nose." Hee.

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