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OMG I have so many things to post about today.

This is the second one.

Clash of the Geeks, the chapbook that arose from that amazing painting of Wil Wheaton on a Unipegakitten and an orcified John Scalzi fighting is now available for download!

It contains my story: This Is the Way the World Ends. Scalzi himself said of it: We’ve got Cat Valente hitting one completely over the wall with her awesome. The tale contains apocalypse, prophecy, television wars and sentient toys. It is mad as a zooful of ferrets. Pat Rothfuss, Rachel Swirsky, Scalzi and Wheaton themselves and a few new names are all in on the fun.

The chapbook is free to download but donations are strongly recommended--all proceeds benefit the Lupus Alliance of America. Spread the word!

Here's an excerpt from my story.

They said Ragnarok. They meant a particularly nasty tantrum thrown by an atomic blast.

They said Fenrir. They meant a genetically altered science fiction writer, pumped with steroids, chlorophyll, and Coke Zero.

They said Sleipnir, the Eight-Legged Steed. They meant a sentient Mattel-brand UniPegaKitten, Patent 674561A9, part of the RealPalz line, which once belonged to one Madison Suzanne Keller of Dayton, Ohio, Age 9.

They said Odin, His Breastplate Gleaming, Wielding the Great Spear Ygg. They meant Wil Wheaton. In a clown sweater. But, in fairness, he did wield a spear.
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