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As someone who has Lupus, I want to thank you for devoting your time and your art to this.


Speaking of things that are OMG wonderful... love your userpic! *grin*

*wanders off to download* (think I'll divide the cleaning etc. into segments & reward myself with a story or poem or whatever for each)

orcified looks a lot like a word made out of orifice..

the cover is made of awesome and based on your story!

Well, kind of the opposite. All the stories are based on the painting used for the cover.

awh, come on, buy into this that its Cat's story the cover is based on, being the artist is precog...

Ha! I like your theory. :) I just didn't want you to be sad when you got the book and saw that all the stories are based on it. Which really, if *that* could make you sad, I would be very worried about you. :)

who says I would read any story in that anthology other than Cats? grin. Or, I could come up with the idea that they all copied HER!

Sad would be having nothing to read... thats what the little voices tell me.. grin.

*giggledeath* My friend was muttering about writing prompts and how they aren't matching up with the characters and/or universes people want her to write in don't match, and I'm reading LJ, so I'm reading your excerpt out loud to her and on her end the conversation goes like this:

Human limits is dragon arc (and I really can't divorce the imagery associated); white would have been one of the first hundred i did. *ponders it* lis told me trickwood unificatio--in a clown sweater.


That is made of Win and Awesome. First time seeing the cover, so I had to show it to my wife, and she loved it too. Now to get the book. :)

Thank you for this yarn of a tale. I know a lot of lupus sufferers who appreciate it, including myself.

I can't see Will Wheaton's name now and not be reminded of the Big Bang Theory episodes where he is Sheldon's nemesis.

I'm laughing manically from your excerpt, so I definitely look forward to the whole thing. ;-)

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