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I'm going to try to take a little bit of control over my social situation here.

I am 2 hours from Boston. Slightly less, really. Many, many awesome people are in Boston, but we don't go down much because the ferry's hours mean that it's tough to get back in time to get home and not have to get a hotel. Nevertheless.

What if we could make it down once a month? Is there a group of people who would be willing to get together at a restaurant or someone's house, have a salon kind of thing--talk about books, knit, play instruments if we feel like it, not if we don't, maybe read from books we love or just hang out and MST3K poor unsuspecting Terminator movies or something? I'm talking about a monthly playdate for grownups, so that I can see some humans once in awhile and be a little more connected to the world. I've always wanted to have a Round Table--could we make one?

Please comment if you would join in. If you could regularly make such meetings, especially if it was always third Sundays or something like that, would you be willing to host, or do you have ideas for restaurants and cafes we could use? If we missed our ferry departure window, are there folk who would let us crash?

In essence, let's do this thing. What Boston folk are in?

You could call them Yuki-Cons. :)

That is pretty me-centric though and I want it to be something everyone digs.

(Deleted comment)
I shall have to factor this possibility into my plans when I move... YUM! Great idea. I hope an excellent group responds!

Long-time reader, infrequent commenter - I would join in. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to host, but fortunately, I am very very close to a neat cafe that is a frequent host to mobs of freaky people (the Diesel Cafe, at which there are multiple poly meet-ups there every month, and that's only what I -know- about); there are some sofas and such in the back. Oh um and pool tables!

I don't get out enough to know of other such places.

I really enjoyed Boston when I visited last year, and this has me wishing I lived closer (instead of the other side of the country), or that I had access to a teleporter of some ilk or another. I would like adult playdates of this sort immensely. I hope it works out for you!

Ditto this.

AngelVixen :-)

D'you think it'd be crazy to take the six-hour bus ride from Philly to attend one of these maybe?

No, but then, I'm crazy. ;)

In. With the usual caveats of scheduling, but yes, I would be down for this.

I could probably make at least some, especially in the colder months.

ETA: But I would anti-ditto Diesel, unless they make some arrangements for groups that I'm not aware of. They make a good raspberry lime rickey, for sure, and it's about as Davis-Square-cliche as it's possible to get, but the place is really not all that comfortable and it's frequently super crowded...you need pretty good table karma to get seating for 1-3 people, let alone a bigger group.

Edited at 2010-08-20 02:05 am (UTC)

HAving attempted events at Diesel I can safely say they can't accommodate a large group.

You might try Redbones? Their downstairs is plenty big. And they got BBQ! And beer!!!

Depending on my class and hopefully work schedule, I'm in. Boston is only an hour north for me, and we'll just ignore that whole messing with my internal compass thing it tends to do to me when driving. ;)

(Deleted comment)
This sounds so amazing! I might be able to host in months after September, if a house with two living rooms and two dining-room-slash-kitchens would be sufficient for the number of people. (It also has a jewelry studio and a reasonably-sized-if-somewhat-asphalt-paved back yard and many board games and a giant TV with beatles rock band and a tiny porch.) And in any case I'd love to attend, if folks you don't know (yet?) are welcome :)

Of course! I want to meet new people.

You and justbeast should come to our game/craft day 9/5, which is exactly that! Invite on Facebook.

I'll be in Australia for Worldcon. :(

I'm only an hour from Boston; I'd be interested.

I might be living in Boston for three months in the spring. If that happens, I am absolutely in for that period. :)
Even if not, would there be room for a rare drop-in from an out-of-towner who wants to roleplay and learn to knit?

-Magnetic Crow

Definitely in. It would be great to make new friends. And MST3King stuff is an awesome way to spend a Saturday :) I second/third/whatever Diesel Cafe and Johnny D's. They are spectacular.


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