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What do you need?
urban anchorite
So shadesong  did this post a little while ago, and I've seen a couple others mirror it, as viralness in the name of the public good is always worthy. I want to do the same, since, well, there are kind of a lot of you out there reading this.

So, please do not be shy. You rarely get what you need without asking for it.

What do you need?

Not "What do you want?" Which is an entirely different question. But what do you need? Are you looking for an apartment, a job, a ride to somewhere, assistance with something? Comment here, and maybe I or one of my readers can help you! The internet makes miracles, we all know it. Read the comments, and see if there's something you can offer.

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I need a mattress. Full size. My current mattress is killing my back and neck :(

Bizarrely, there are a bunch of mattresses in the attic of this house. But I don't think I could get one to you. :(

Have you checked Craigslist under the free stuff?

I haven't only because I am fearful of the evil bedbug epidemic in the city. Getting a mattress from someone I know or know through a friend wouldn't make me bat an eye, but a random one from strangers makes me itch right now.

free stuff was better before bedbugs, that's for sure.

Also try the Freecycle group of Yahoo.

If you're in or near Chicago, drop me a line. I can hook you up with mattress and boxspring--the catch is that you provide transportation for it.

Unfortunately I don't. NYC here. But thanks! :)

Hi there, I live in Syosset and have a mattress that I need to get rid of. It's only two years old and it's been slept on maybe a dozen times at the most? It's in my guest bedroom and we got it primarily for my parents when/if they come to visit but now they're bringing us their futons so we don't need the mattress anymore.

Bad thing is, it's only the mattress, and it's a queen size. Plus there might me some random kitty hairs on it, if you're allergic. Unfortunately I can't provide transportation but I'm totally willing to give it to you if you want it. Let me know!

It might be doable! I'll have to see if I can get transport out there, but I do have friends with cars. Can you send an email to my Gmail address: ktempestbradford


I just sent you an email. :)

Hey, I may be about to sell my mattress! Slash give it away, if it's for you. :D I will keep you posted.

hey if you lived in or near the CA Bay Area, I have a mattress I'm trying to get rid of... if you can pick it up you can have it!

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