Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,

Teaching Children to Ask Permission for Music Files and Other Lost Causes

Today I am in Boston, at emilytheslayer 's library, teaching kids how to make book trailers as sort-of book reports for school. Yay, iMovie skills!

Have no fear, there will be trailers for Habitation of the Blessed, Deathless, and Fairyland. I'm getting ready to shoot the Prester John/Habitation ones even now--for there will be TWO videos, one a trailer, and one awesome thing which may or may not involve my old He Man action figures, I'm not telling.

But today is teaching other people how to do it, and then home to spend time with babymonkey  and mishamish  before they move back to Cleveland on Monday. It will feel like an awfully big and empty house without them--I'll miss them so.

Now I go to read slush. Pray for my soul, and tell my mother I love her.
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