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I'm aiming to get as much Readercon with a dash of Valente in as I can. Taking Sophia to camp on Saturday AM but I think I'll be down for most of Friday and Saturday after the drop-off.

So excited!!!

I'm programmed opposite your reading though. :(

Argh! Well, I guess for now I will accommodate your fanbase. But someday, Cat Money, there will be no accommodation! ;)

(Actually you may encounter this story I'm reading somewhere else. Ahem.)

Definitely see you at the poetry readings, at least, and as we tend to hang out with a bunch of the same people, there should be that too!

Yay next week!

Technically we have two contemporaneous kaffeeklatschen; separate sign-ups, etc. Might be fun to poll the attendees on whether they want to combine them, but I'm not sure the designated rooms can be joined, or made to fit twice as many people.

Ok, I didn't quite know what it meant, but cool.

The wife and I will be there with much excitement. I will make sure to hunt you down in the bar with all the other wordsmiths.

*sigh* some day I will make it there...

It might not be the best idea to use "Algonquin" like that, especially if we're trying to honour other cultures. Yes, I know about the Algonquin Hotela\ and Round Table, but should that take precedence over the actual people? Just a thought.

How else would you have me refer to the Algonquin?

Something like "help me recreate the Algonquin Round Table?" Or "come recreate Dorothy Parker's circle with me"?

Please, read from your upcoming Prester John novel!


I will be there, at least to some of them, I can't promise all because you're a very active woman, but I'm certainly planning to visit the bar. :-)

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