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Two things--

1. do we get the spoon bread recipe?

2. how much time did you give each of these things? curious about time management/scheduling.

Sure, I'll post it tomorrow.

I don't know, dinner took about two hours, copyediting was ongoing through the day, pullin gout plants just a few minutes, practicing accordion for 45 minutes...writing is my full time job so I make my own schedule.

I have always been curious about those who make their own schedules. How do you have the discipline to get anything done? Or not to let housekeeping, whether house-related or not, take over the day?

Well, ultimately, I kind of suck at it. But I try. And I procrastinate a lot, but am good at cramming. Right now I have a reasonably light work schedule as I'm taking a little time to recover after the three novels in five months craziness, so I have more time for gardening and such.

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