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Far and Clear, How Far and Clear, the Horns of Elfland Faintly Blowing
All of our plants are coming up!

We munched on the first strawberries in the garden today, hung up colorful big solar lanterns on what will now be known as the Party Tree, thank you Grandpa Tolkien, our pumpkins are putting out huge leaves, we have wee baby peppers growing, and the sunflowers are peeking up bit by bit. I got the alternating bass rhythm right for the first time on my accordion, and my kitten sat primly at my ankle and yowled along with my playing. I am knitting a lace wrap out of gorgeous, corn and pumpkin and new sprouts-colored yarn.

I worked on copyediting Fairyland, and culled the excess pumpkin, zucchini, and magda squash plants.

I've made lemon-cilantro chicken and corn-mango spoonbread for dinner, and we're all going to settle in and watch the new Futurama episodes.

It's a good day. My hair is clean. My dress is too short. There is a sweet-smelling breeze off of the sea, and good wine decanting.

Not such a bad New England showing for a California girl.

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Two things--

1. do we get the spoon bread recipe?

2. how much time did you give each of these things? curious about time management/scheduling.

Sure, I'll post it tomorrow.

I don't know, dinner took about two hours, copyediting was ongoing through the day, pullin gout plants just a few minutes, practicing accordion for 45 minutes...writing is my full time job so I make my own schedule.

I have always been curious about those who make their own schedules. How do you have the discipline to get anything done? Or not to let housekeeping, whether house-related or not, take over the day?

Well, ultimately, I kind of suck at it. But I try. And I procrastinate a lot, but am good at cramming. Right now I have a reasonably light work schedule as I'm taking a little time to recover after the three novels in five months craziness, so I have more time for gardening and such.

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