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Well, I think a woman in a skirt suit is hot, but it is different--unless. Is she wearing a button down and tie or not? That's what makes a suit more than a blazer to me.

Ah! Gotcha. I think I see what you mean.

I agree - suits, all trappings included, are neat. And tuxes are like suits x100, I'm a fan of those too.

My bridesmaids all wore tuxes. Holy shit did they look amazing.

Let's not have this fight again.

Ok, let's pretend in retrospect that they all were. (Only one of them came up with an actual tux, the rest were black suits.)

Very good. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

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(Deleted comment)
Yours is the one I meant.

Hmm, surely the plural of tux is tuxen. :)

I only wear skirt suits because I hate pants. But a matched skirt suit - as opposed to a blazer that matches mixed separates - I read the same as a man's suit, because that's what lady lawyers I grew up around wore, since our judges still have the right to deny us the ability to wear pants in their courtrooms.
My suit and I have a weird relationship. It makes me look sharp, and like an adult. But also like The Man. Idk. It's weird.

I used to worry about looking too corporate in a suit as well, so I think to compensate I (over?)accessorized: Facial hair, piercings, funny-colored hair, etc. I enjoy the frisson caused by the contrast.

And you always look pretty well put together. It is a good thing, and noticed.

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