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Congrats, dude! IT'S SO SHINY.

PS. I'm in the midst of deadlines right now (KILL ME), but if you're still interested in Lost shenanigans on Sunday, I'll shoot you an email probably Weds or so when the times are more definite. I mean, for you, show up whenever you would like. Not when the episode STARTS, you know, but I've got the thing reserved at 7, so... yeah. DETAILS, I'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU.

Awesome! Thanks! And yeah, still totally wanting to come.

I am so ridiculously thrilled for you (and it was totally deserved).

Now I'm even doubly sad you won't be at WisCon so I can congratulate you and hug you and do the snoopy dance.

I am sad, but it did turn out to be worth it to go to Florida instead.

Wildest Congratulations!!


::new reader here::

Congratulations! I have not read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

You looked beautiful in that clip--what a gorgeous dress!

I bounced straight off the couch when I saw you'd won. Huge congratulations!

Randomly, ever since I saw the twitter-sphere blow up that you won, I have been randomly grinning and thinking: "YAY CAT." So if I am that thrilled for you, I can only imagine how great this is for you.



EEEEE! *shares victory cupcakes*

There was VERY LOUD SQUEEING in the Thomas Household when we saw that you'd won.


Lol. Given that my paternal family's surname is Thomas, I'd bet that was doubly true.

I saved my scribble-speech for you.



*deep breath*

My heart is like unto an Icelandic volcano, only instead of travel-disrupting ash, it pumps out LOVE.

That is a hilarious image. Are you a writer or something?

I watched the video and did the screaming fist pump and then cried because this was just so amazing. I know how hard you worked, and how crazy post-train was and then the economy and how worried you were, and then it all culminated into one big bang of win. I'm so happy for you!

So glad I'm not the only one who cried! *hug*

Shiny happiness! =D

And yes, this is a paradigm shift in the making.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *jumps around* *happyflails*

Wow. Like, WOW. ...........Wow. ^____________^

So happy for you!!

Three trophies for the Cat!


What amazes me, I said this on Twitter, is that the self/web published nature of it seems to not even be a story. No one is doing articles on the craziness of it. That says a lot to me.

I just teared up at work over this, which is kind of embarrassing but I'll take it.
This must be what sports fans feel like when their team wins!

*laughs* What a great comparison!

I watched the video and got all teary. :)

<3 <3 <3



*throws horns*

*air guitar*

Congratulations! I love Fairyland, and I'm thrilled to see it getting the honors it deserves.

What a long road it's been. I've always been so happy that you liked the book.

I hope the second things is being so upset about the death of Dio that you had to scream and cry and jump up and down. I sure did.

Congratulations! Go you! :-)

Still full of squee here. It's awesome and shiny and yay!!!!

So much better than the cookie, the pony or the plastic rocket.

I am insanely happy for you. Madly, dearly, completely.

Hard work in the face of adversity. Who'd have thunk it.

Go. YOU.

That's flipping fantastic. Congrats!


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