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We Can't Be Sad Today! It's BeastDay!
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Happy birthday to my dear and darling justbeast , the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Happiest of Birthdays to another March 25th Aries!

Is it as beautiful a day for you guys as it is in Boston? Because over here it looks like the weather decided to play nice for the Beast's birthday!

March 25 is a good day to be born. Happy Birthday to justbeast.

the best thing that ever happened to me

"the beast thing", surely...?

*offers non-creepy internet birthday hugs* =-) Eat something wonderful, drink something intoxicating and have a lovely day!

Wish him a happy birthday from me!!! Hugs to you both!

Eee, thank you! :) Glad to have you in my life!

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