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FWIW: I came down with that exact thing and spent the entire weekend letting J climb all over me while I drank tea and attempted to only passout when he did.

So, I'm more inclined to blame a germ than being old, since I did not stay up all night doing fun stuff :)


Donnie looks like he could wind up turning into Rip Torn in a few years. Oh, the things we can never unsee...

Sorry that you got sick but at least you had fun with the NKOB videos. I used to like them when they were first popular, mostly I just liked Jon. And yes, their new video is amazing!

I'm sorry we missed you. I didn't even know you were right down the street!

There was no way we could have been up for socializing in a way that didn't include lying in bed with tea. :( Next time.

Someone mentioned your Tweet saying that you all were sick and my immediate thought was 'OH GOD, OH GOD, I'VE INFECTED THEM", even though whatever I had was not contagious. Because, like I said, the world revolves around me and all. =^^=

But NKOTB heals all illnesses.

New Kids on the Block

ah yes, I can remember buying my niece NKOTB sheets for her bed for her birthday, because they were the only group to exist in the world. When I saw them recently on a latenight show performing, I sent her an email and told her that Donnie Walhberg was still HAWT. She still hasnt responded.. hmmm wonder why?

"How did our parents not piss themselves laughing when we thought this was cool?"

Some of our parents did piss themselves laughing. My inner moppet is still very hurt by it. =p

Uh, *new* NKOTB? *blink* How bizarre. *watches* *boggles*
Thanks for the weirdness :)

Come to think of it, how many NKOTB songs rather hinge on the word "Girl/GURL/&c."?

This is one of those things...Back in the day, there were songs like "Mandy," "Valerie," "Peggy Sue," "Barbara Ann," "Angela Jones," etc. It wasn't a bad thing to make a song out of a particular woman's name, that didn't stop the women in the audience from screaming when the song was played. But post-NKOTB, one doesn't get songs like that much any more...Is this because mass-marketed entertainment has to be that generalizable for people to "get it"?


I have said this at least one hundred thousand times since Saturday. No wonder we all got divorced in our twenties. Between that shit and Brenda and Dylan we had no hope. And they KICK the AIR and that's DANCING.

This is hilarious because it's true. Brenda & Dylan! damn them.

I always pictured the new boy bands going down to the crossroads and saying "Mr. Scratch? Marky Mark said we could make a deal here..."

The only way I can explain the power of NKOTB is to say "In your youth, our brains were warped by BMX proms."

(OUR youth, blast it.)

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