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Thank you for articulating why I simultaneously love and am ambivalent about the holiday. For me, it's never been a romantic holiday- I've never been in a relationship for this particular day. Thus, all through high school and college my friends and I took it as a day to buy a big bag of candy and distribute it amongst ourselves and do something fun, like throw a costume tea party, for the day and revel in the most special of people in our lives- each other.

It's only now, as a grad student, that I've run into resenting the day. Not so much the day itself, because I agree with what you say about the need for ritual (I am a Classicist after all) but I get annoyed with people. If I had a box of chocolates for every person who is surprised that I don't have plans other than watching Indiana Jones with a bottle of good Whiskey and getting some research done for or who has said "oh, you're single? I'm so sorry." or "you'd better hurry up and find a boy quickly! Valentines day is soon!", I'd be throwing chocolates out the window like tickertape.

I think it's more the expectation that some people press on others to celebrate the holiday that makes me cranky. I don't want your sympathy, I'm quite happy being single and enjoying how much love is in my life that is non-romantic. So, poo on them. I just won't share my Whiskey with them.

Wow, no one has ever said anything like that to me, that's awful.Indiana Jones sounds awesome though.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it. I have massive crush on that man even if the part of me that's going for the archaeology PhD is going "aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Provenance!" XD

Hope the day is full of kitty snuggles and husband love. I clicked on your Valentinr thing- hope the full box makes up for the formerly empty cubbies

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