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c is for cat
I confess, I love these. They're secret and odd and you never know who left you the messages...almost like fairy whispers.

My Valentinr - cmvalente
Get your own valentinr

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Alas, I haven't been able to get Valentinr to work at all yet this year, much as I would love to leave billets-doux for all my friends and acquaintances.

How odd--it's works as well as ever for me.

Ditto. I've had one for the past two years, but now it's giving me "Internal Server Error" and simply hanging. I checked back on previous VDay posts and the buttons there no longer work.

...I admit, I like how I can be more truthful more easily when writing under the protection of total anonymity. *u_u* Maybe I should go hunt down some other people's Valentine boxes too. :D


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