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Two Thumbs + Finished Novel = Me
prester john

And I finish the bastard.

At least for the value of finishing that means: it goes to the editor now.

Once I wrangle Scrivener into not exporting gibberish and making me look like a noob.

But the point is, I finished the first Prester John novel (whose title is sort of The Habitation of the Blessed but I don't really like it, I'm considering Lapis, now.) and oh my god, I can breathe and have a life again.

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From a nearly identical state of doneness (i.e., sent to editor), I salute you!

A flourish of trumpets and confetti!

SWEET! Congratulations!

I am really looking forward to this one!

[queue expensive, yet tastefully done, backrackets display ...]

*does the yay dance for you* Congratulations!

Congratulations! I hope you can take a well-deserved break now, and I look forward to the eventual emergence of the Prester John novels.

Mucho congratulamifications and like that! May your beard grow ever longer! [Wait, that's not right...]

Congratulations. Please to enjoy life now.

Congratulations! Great work. Best wishes for a smooth editorial process.


I wonder how many more books you will finish before I'm done with the one I'm doing. At least I'll have lots of treats heaped up for me when I'm finally free. Congratulations!


Ooh what kind of treats?

Hey! You can't write like that!

(Can you?)


Fan-feckin'-tastic! Many congratulations to you! I look forward to this one very much indeed!

Congrats Cat! And completely off topic, but bodlon, I love your icon!

Thanks! I got it from timepunching, which is chock full of stuff like this.


*does the happy dance in your honor*


Yay! Having a life is good!

Woohoo! Finished novel! (... so, hm, editing... then the whole publishing thing... maybe in a year? Don't pester Cat for release date for at least a year. Ok, won't pester Cat.)

Er, the voices in my head are really happy for it/you!

I've actually heard fall this year.

That's wonderful! Can't wait to read it. I have a very special interest in this one, because of "A Dirge for Prester John."

Yes, of course! Remember when I was all morose about it in Brunswick and no one would buy it? Hee!

Well -- you deserve great bonfires burnt in your name, and bog-sacrifices, and sun-sacrifices, and cigar boxes built of tears, a pillow made of lilies, a wardrobe full of new and fancy clothes, rich red carpets, all the health insurance you can sneeze at, and tambourines!!!

Myself, I am 30 pages from finishing your LAST novel, "Deathless," and expect that I shall be sending you an EMAIL OF LONG before noon tomorrow. For now, I must work. And so, farewell.

May you have a VERY GIDDY DAY.

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it!

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