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Some Omikuji Announcements
perfect girls
So as to not limit knowledge to those who are members of the community (omikuji_project ), I have two Omikuji-related announcements to make.

1. Omikuji will now come out on the 15th of every month, because practically everything in my world is due on one first or another, and it's been impossible to make that deadline. Everything will stay the same, just on the 15th instead of the 1st.

2. On April 1st, I will be releasing an anthology of all the Omikuji stories to date. There has been discussion of what form this will take on the community, so if you are not a member, please do join. It will definitely include all the stories, and excerpts from the letters that accompany them. The introduction will be written via the classic each-person-writes-a-line game over on omikuji_project .

I am still seeking cover art--there was talk of an Omikuji-member created art piece for each story, but unless they're all spoken for I don't think that's workable, so let me know if you want to claim a story or create a cover design. If you have any skills that would be of help (interior layout as well, hollaback.) One Omikuji-soul has already recorded an audio version of one story--if people want to take this on, I'd be thrilled to put out a crowdsourced audio anthology as well! But I want the Omikuji family involved in this as much as possible.

The anthology will come out through Lulu. Which makes this my first officially self-published project. I felt it was best, as this has always been a grassroots, crowfunded creation, to continue in that vein and not seek a press to publish it. Lulu puts out a good product and I'm hoping this will be a beautiful object as well as a testament to two years of family, love, wax, paper, and art. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible.

I will likely put one of these out for every two years that the Omikuji Project continues.

Finally, if you are new and confused and do not know what the Omikuji Project is, all the info is on my website.

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I have mad interior layout skillz, and would love to be involved.

Sweet! Will contact you when I'm ready to move forward.

Yay! This is the sort of project I really love to sink my teeth into. (As for references, I used to do interior layout and map editing for Fodor's travel guides.)

Yay for an Omikuji anthology. I've ben meaning to buy more backcopies from before I started and I keep forgetting: This way I can get it all just once, and in hard copy. Also will make addicting people easier since I won't have to loan out my actual Omikujis(about which I'm semi-paranoid).

Pretty much sums up my reaction right down the the continually forgetting to go snarf up backcopies. And the addition of feeling silly that I didn't notice there's an Omikuji community.

An art piece per story seems a lovely idea. If it does seem workable at any point, then I'd be interested in contributing. Can send you samples if that's useful. In any case an anthology is an excellent idea.

I am so happy to hear this! I was pretty upset when I had to stop my membership, so being able to buy the anthology and read the year I have missed is really awesome. Can't wait!

Are the claims from that entry still good? Because I would still really really adore drawing for "The Legend of Good Women," and maybe another story that isn't spoken for yet...

I mentioned it on the comm, but I'm interested in the Apple Tree at the End of the World story if it does work out to do art for each story. Though if another story needs a taker, I can work on whichever, give my muse a good challenge :). I do have an idea for the Apple Tree, which I'm going to do anyways, just to make. I already bought some beads for the apples (translucent red Czech glass).

Question, what time frame are you looking at for the anthology? If we are doing story art I'd just want to keep any deadlines in mind.

It'll come out on April 1st, the anniversary of Omikuji. So I need everything in by March 1.

Why do you feel that it's necessary to have artwork either for each story or none? Not intending to criticize; I just don't understand the reasoning behind it.

It just feels strange to me. Either it's an illustrated anthology or not, you know?

Ok, I've been looking around my shelves and have completely failed to find a counter example to this, but... I feel like that makes a lot of sense in a multi-author anthology, and less so in a single authored work. Maybe I'm just thinking of the old folklore and fairytale collections where they seem to toss in illustrations at random when there's a good scene to illustrate, though.

I'm wondering if it would help get better representation if someone posted a list of all the stories with what's been claimed crossed off, by way of jogging people's memories about the other stories they liked.

I am so down with recording audio! Let me know if you go for it.

I am so down with recording audio! Let me know if you go for it.

I would happily compose a short ("classical") score inspired by whatever story is most in need (with the intent of it being used visually). Bonus points if there is any poetry in it to set.

I never read anything for an audio book, but would love reading the story about The Budha of Sleep(the actual title slips my mind) or "The Opposite of Mary".

Two warnings:
1)I have a very deep voice(I think I'm a bass, but I never checked), so I'm not sure how appropriate it will sound narrating stories written from female POV

2)I have middling to strong Israeli accent.

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