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Please let this come out in big bookstore stylez... I think that it would give me an even more supreme pleasure to walk into a store and buy this off the shelves than it did with Palimpsest.

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Ok, serious question, will Fairyland also be staying online, or will it come down at some point since the paper version is coming out?

I will do everything in my power to keep it online. No word yet about how much of the sequel I'll be allowed to put up.

Woooot! I look forward to buying copies of all the Fairylands.

OMG that is AMAZING!! YAY!!

Congratulations! Awesome! I will buy the print version as I prefer printed matter to reading fiction online. Dunno why!

Datapoint - my friend David Wellington (now a published author with several horror series under his belt) started out posting chapters of his novels like a serial on line - which then was bought and he became a published novelist. (23 Bullets, Vampire 0, etc.)

So it can work the other way around. With a lot of luck and hard work.


I'm not saying it can't happen--I'm saying it's way hard, and should probably not be everyone's first stop on the road to published, because if handled badly it can be a last stop.

That's fantastic news, congratulations!

Fuck yeah! :-)

We're so happy for you.

That is most wonderful and delicious news!

w00t!!!! way to break into another market, and oh yeaz, can have hardcopy now! :) or Kindle version. ;)

go blaze those trails, you amazing woman, you!

That is wonderful wonderful news, and couldn't happen to a more deserving artist.

I do hope they let you leave Fairyland vol 1 up online; it was and is a very special endeavour (the wonderful story itself aside).

And I so look forward to my daughter bringing home a YA that isn't about sex with vampires!!!

Congratulations on the sale of Fairyland! What I've read so far I have adored -- it is just the sort of thing I would've devoured if I'd had it in my hot little hands as a much younger person. But, alas, even at only a chapter a week I am woefully behind in keeping up with the story. So I will definitely hope to get a physical copy of Fairyland when it is published, maybe even figure out how to get it signed. (grin)

Online reading isn't the same as a "real" book. Even reading on my Sony e-book isn't the same. So far we still live in a world which has books...

Dr. Phil

Congratulations! That's fantastic news!

Wonderful! *hugs and cake*

Thank you, of course, for sharing it with us. :)

Congrats lady! It is an affirmation not only of your authorial abilities but of your creating value and stepping up when the going got tough, of jumping into the void instead of running back and forth at its edge. Your rock.

Awesome, wonderful, and thank you so much for the story (and the upcoming sequel!)

Totally gave me a reason to do the happy dance at the office on a monday morning - congratu-atchu-lations!

It will soon be much easier to subvert children with (actually) talented writing - I predict an influx of mythpunk army recruits in the next five years.

How wonderful! I look forward to your further experimentations in publishing. [grin]

Fantabulous news and a chapter to weep over. Oh thank you for this and thank the Universe I'll have a volume to give my daughters.


OMG!! (to some extremely high power- maybe a million?) Congratulations. I look forward to being able to hold Fairyland in my hot little hands, and give it to people as well.


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