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No one around at present and honestly nobody worth remembering. That's my point. That whole thing. It's over. Stick a fork in it. It's done. You can't even find it anymore. That's why even Grossman is using examples from the 20s and 30s ... I assume he thinks at that will be recognized.

Possibly, maybe, some early Toni Morrison might give you an idea of the style (The Bluest Eye, etc). Very Serious. Very Important. Very Much Like Doing Literary Sit-Ups. Not Much Plot to Speak Of. Lots of Subjective Language. (And by Beloved she's writing ghost stories anyway.)

And she's kind of a bad example because Morrison is actually quite good. Imagine a third rate version of The Bluest Eye. And then cry into your beer from the pain.

Look, clearly I have offended you by saying that you are not old enough to remember the early 80s. Is there a *less* offensive way to suggest that you might not remember something that you, um, might not remember?

I remember the 1980s. (I'm all of two and a half years younger than Grossman.)

Nothing you say has the ring of truth to it, and your inability to name even a single author -- hint, the Internet might have some information about the 1980s -- is proof enough to me that you just argued yourself into a corner and are trying to bluster your way out.

Nothing I say has the ring of truth in it. I am ring-less. Alas!

Obviously you are right. Just because I can't remember any authors that I read 25 yeasr ago and hated, Grossman must be a Bad Bad Man. He hates you all. For using adverbs.

Silly me!

Nah, it's because you didn't actually read any such authors.

Also if you note the adverb thing was linked to a different article entirely.

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